Add Network Printers (Windows 10)

First, search for devices in the Taskbar Search bar. Select Devices and Printers.

(Please note: If you do not have the search bar visible, you will need to click the magnifying glass icon picture of a magnifying glass first to display it.)

Start Menu Devices Search

In Devices and Printers, select Add Printer.

Devices and Printers 

In the Add a device window, select The printer that I want isn't listed.

Printer Not Listed 

In the Add Printer dialogue box, select the button for Select a shared printer by name. Type the server and printer name in the box. The name of the printer should be on a white sticker on the printer. The server and printer name will look similar to \\print\printername. Once printer is located in the list, select Next.

Find Printer Next 

If there are no issues, the computer will connect to the printer. 

Computer connecting to printer

Once the computer connects with the printer, the following will display.

Connection confirmation 

The newly added printer can then be set as the default printer if needed.

Printer added 

This video will walk you through the steps as well.