Graduate Student Public Defense Announcements

Kayla Alaniz
The Influence of Teacher Climate of Prevention on Active Shooter Crisis Preparedness

David Ferris
Nestbox Microclimates and Parental Care Behavior: A Suburban and Rural Comparison

Jessica Scoggins
The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Dissociation

Sydney Beverly
The Effects of Increased Trunk Lean Muscle Mass on Clubhead Speed in Recreational Golfers

Omobolaji David-Ojumu
Cadenland: An Ethnographic Case Study Exploring a Male’s Videogaming Literacies on Crayta Within the Larger Stadia Culture

Kisshundria James
Autoethnography of How Childhood Trauma Affects Social Literacy Practices Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Ronda McCain
The Effects of Intentional Pairing of Teacher Candidates and Cooperating Teachers in Early Field Experiences

Ashar Neyaz
NVMe-Assist: A Novel Theoretical Framework for Digital Forensics
A Case Study on NVMe Storage Devices and Related Artifacts on Windows 10

Nicholas Reger
Predictive Niche Modeling for the Identification of Maize Pathogens of Greatest concern in the United States

Kayla G. Harding
Adult Learners’ Experiences of Stigma in College Reading Courses

Abdiwahab Guled
Applying Learning Theory Principles in the Design of Effective Learning Objects

Christina L. Richardson
Examining the Relationship Between Treatment Variables and Referral Processes on Probation Outcomes

Heather Vermilio
The Instructional Designer and Self-Regulated Learning: An Action Research approach to Increasing Instructional Designer Professional Readiness to Support Self-Regulated Learning in Online Higher Education

Jessica Lynn Ayala, M.S., D-ABFT-FT
High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Drug Screening in Forensic Toxicology: A Cost Benefit Analysis

Morgan Johnson
The Synthesis, Characterization, and Bacteria Application of Cobalt and Silver Nanoferrites Capped with Caprylic Acid along with Bare Cobalt and Silver Ferrite Nanoparticles

Alex Tottser
Deindustrialization and the Republican Party Realignment in the 2016 Election

Sujina Manandhar
The Effects of Mercury on Microbiome Composition of Soil Sediments in the Trinity River, Texas

Lauren J. Ryan
Juvenile Competency Restoration in Texas: Factors Associated with Remediation in Inpatient Settings

Charlotte J. Hillegrass
The Influence of Racial Background and Masculine Norm Endorsement on Men's Response to Depressive Feelings: Understanding Help-Seeking Decisions

Allison G. Kondrat
“Good Trouble:” First Amendment Protections of Political Protest in Public Forums

Furkan Paligu
Investigation of IndexedDB Persistent Storage for Digital Forensics

Sundar Krishnan
Sentiment and Behavioral Analysis in Ediscovery