Graduate Student Public Defense Announcements

Jacque P. Westover
The Effects of Acceleration in Developmental Mathematics on Lowest-Level Placed Students at Utah Valley University

Yeri J. Villabos
Differences in Algebra I, English I and II, and U.S. History End-of-Course Exam Grade Level Performance of Texas High School English Learners by Gender: A Multiyear Statewide Investigation

David Shaun McAlpin
School Level and Urbanicity Differences in School Threat Scenario Plans: A National Analysis

Tania M. Merik

Financial Expenditures by Function for Texas Public School: A multiyear Statewide Investigation

Meredith L. Conrey

Select Student Affairs Administrators' Experiences With On-Campus Student Employee Supervision: A Case Study

Rita Fennelly-Atkinson
Associations Between Accessibility Knowledge, Practices, and Support in U.S. Online Higher Distance Education: An Exploratory Factor Analysis

Matthew L. Olmstead
Texas Performance-Based Funding: Examination of Relationships between Success Points and Variables at Community Colleges

Xiaohong Li
Gender differences in Advanced Placement Exam Performance for Asian Students: A Multiyear Nationwide Analysis

Matthew A. Bills
An Analysis of State Hate Crime Legislation: Do Legislative History Documents Hold the Key to Hate Crime Law Reform

Jovinna L. Mendel
Identification of Small RNAs and Differential Gene Expression in Rhodobacter sphaeroides Under Gold Chloride Stress

Jacquelyn Rust

The Use of Digital Technologies to Create Multimodal Ensembles in Teacher Preparation Programs: A Mixed Methods Research Study

Chotika Kaewkaemket

The Effects of Computer-Mediated Peer Review on Pre-Service EFL Teacher's Writing Ability and Self-Efficacy: A Case Study

Christina R. Smith
Development and Validation of Toxicological Methods of Cognitive Stimulants in Traditional and Alternative Matrices

Nadia J. Arensdorf
British Soldiers' Life Histories: Global Mobility, Army Reform, and British Identity in the Nineteenth Century

Wesley Smith
Veteran and Military Criminal Justice Involvement: Pathways to Offending

Bailey A. Barnes
How Positive Psychology Factors Mitigate Risk for Delinquent Behavior

Tiyah Western
Campus Ecology and the Engagement Motivations of Black Males as Small. Private Liberal Arts Colleges

Thusini P. Hemachandra
Solution Phase And Computational Studies On The Formation, Hydrolysis And Dynamic Exchange Of Phenyl Benzoboroles

James W. Bogs
Navigating Ethical Dilemmas Experienced During The Music Therapy Internship: A Phenomenological Inquiry