Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bearkat Family Weekend starting on a Thursday?

Due to our exciting new Conference USA schedule, this year’s Bearkat Family Weekend will kick-off on Thursday evening with the football game.  The bulk of the weekend’s events will take place Friday, into Saturday.

What if I cannot attend the entire weekend?

We understand that every family has different situations, as well as travel distances from campus.  We try to coordinate the most intentional days and events for our families and with the hope that they will be able to enjoy whatever parts of the weekend they are able to attend.  The weekend is set up in such a way that general (base rate) registration covers the majority of the weekend's on-campus events, with separate tickets being purchased for some specific events such as Athletics, and meals.

When is the registration window?

Bearkat Family Weekend registration will open August 1, 2023 and will close September 7, 2023.  Due to planning purposes it is necessary for registrations to close 3 weeks prior to the event.  No Bearkat Family Weekend registrations are available for purchase after September 7.  Bearkat Family Weekend registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.  

Are football tickets included in the Bearkat Family Weekend registration?

No, while football tickets are linked from the Bearkat Family Weekend website, for convenience, tickets are purchased and received separately.  Your student does not need to purchase Athletics tickets as they receive free access to digital tickets through their student account.  Athletic tickets may be purchased after the Bearkat Family Weekend registration window closes, based on remaining availability.

Do I have to include my SHSU student when purchasing registrations for my family?

Yes, you must include your SHSU student when registering for Bearkat Family Weekend.  We also ask for your student's name as part of your purchase, for reference. Please make sure you include them in your total quantity, as well as select a t-shirt size for them. If you log-on to purchase tickets at more than one time, you will still include their name, as a reference, for any purchase you or your family makes when registering for Bearkat Family Weekend.