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Students- Elementary 

Elementary is a time for you to begin understanding yourself as a student and as a person. People in your life may ask you what you want to be when you grow up. Transition activities in elementary will teach you about different kinds of jobs and how your strengths and needs match with different jobs. You will also learn about how to make choices, how to ask for what you want, how to set goals and develop plans, and much more. 

In This Section:

In this section, you will find resources to help you to understand and develop your preferences and learn about different types of jobs.

Tools for Elementary Students and Their Parents/Guardians

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    What does Self-Determination Mean to You

    This video of elementary students with disabilities explaining what self-determination means to them might help you to understand what self-determination means to you.

    Set Your Goal, Get Your Goal - Using the I’m Determined Format

    This closed captioned video shows how you can set goals for yourself and tells you why goal setting is important.

    Student-led IEP One Pager

    This free online app from I’m will help you to tell others at your IEP meeting about your strengths, interests, needs, and preferences. Input your name, upload a picture of yourself, and select icons that describe you.  After inputting all the information, you can print out a 1 page document to share at your IEP meeting. 

    Goal Plan with Graphics

    This worksheet from I’m provides you with a graphic that helps you to organize your goals, the steps needed to reach them, and people who might support you.

    Job Mixer

    This website has a game that will help you explore different kinds of jobs.

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