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Many nonprofit and private organizations offer scholarships to help pay for college. You must be an accepted student at SHSU to apply for scholarships. To review your scholarship eligibility, you must complete the general application in the Scholarships4Kats portal. After you complete your profile, you are automatically considered for all relevant scholarships.

The General Graduate School Scholarship

The General Graduate School Scholarship welcomes new and current graduate students to apply fall, spring and summer. The scholarship is valued at $1000 and the application can be found on Scholarships4Kats portal.


Graduate, teaching, and research assistantships are available in most departments. If awarded, you may qualify for in-state tuition and other benefits. Contact your program advisor for availability information.

Travel/Research Funding

Research funds may be used to purchase necessary equipment, software, or datasets needed to complete a project. Awardees may receive up to $1,000 in graduate student funding per academic year.