About Us

The Department of Victim Studies is the very first in the nation! In this department, students have the opportunity to work with faculty who are passionate about issues pertaining to victimization and care about sharing that interest and their knowledge with students. Students in both the undergraduate and graduate program will take courses that directly relate to victims. Students also have the opportunity to participate in research with faculty, become involved in the community through civic engagement projects in courses and participate in events through the student organization housed in the department, the Crime Victim Services Alliance (CVSA).

The Director of the Crime Victim's Institute (CVI) Dr. Mary Breaux is valued member of the Victim Studies Department. The research conducted and work that is done at the CVI is inherently tied to the Victim Studies Department. The CVI is contributing to the knowledge base of Texas and nationally with research about victimization, as well as enhancing the practices used by those in the field working with victims.

The Victim Studies faculty care about the area of Victimology and the students who are enrolled in our undergraduate and graduate program. In this department, the faculty are committed to giving students a great learning experience that they can take with them into the field to help victims. We see this department as different from others as we are completely focused on helping students understand the experience of the victim and those that work to assist victims. We have courses and opportunities for students to learn about victims of many different types of crimes as well as the ways in which students themselves can work within the system as a career. The partnership with local law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, rape crisis and domestic violence shelters, and innovative research being conducted will give students the ability to learn in new ways.