2023 Physics Catapult into STEM Bridge


Participate in the Residential Catapult into STEM

Dates: July 11th - 20th

Are you enrolled to take either of MATH 1410 and/or Physics Bootcamp for the Fall 2023? 

Would you be interested in taking a shortcut to take Calculus 1 and Physics 1, which translates to big savings of time and money? 

If so, then this bridge program is for you! It is designed for incoming STEM students who are planning attend SHSU in the Fall of 2023. Students will live on campus at SHSU to take part of the Physics camp. The camp costs $75, which reserves your spot for the camp and food will be provided. Students who are nearly calculus ready are invited to jump start their college experience, locking in essential math skills, and earning equivalency credit for common first-year prerequisites. Topics including algebra, trigonometry, vectors, special functions, and an introduction to calculus will be presented in the context of real world physics and pre-engineering examples, equipping students to succeed in future related coursework. Students who complete all program requirements will be cleared to enroll in both Calculus 1 and Physics 1 during their first regular semester. 

Summer Bridge Registration (CLOSED)

What is the purpose of the Summer Bridge Program?

  • To enhance your math skills in algebra, trigonometry, special functions, and an intro to calculus
  • To help you get your brain in shape to succeed in next set of courses: Calculus 1 and Physics 1
  • To help you identify areas of potential weakness in math and physics
  • To guide you through an engaging set of creative exercises and lessons to help you overcome these weaknesses
  • To help you build community with committed students like you
  • To help you graduate on time!

Who designs and runs the Summer Bridge Program?

  • The bridge course is designed and taught by SHSU faculty and staff, additionally assisted by student TAs

What will the program cost you?

  • The Physics Summer Bridge Camp $75 in terms of cost to the student
  • Participate in meeting lectures, recitation work, and a frameworks portion

What is the payoff for participating in the summer bridge program?

  • A shortcut to take Calculus 1 and Physics 1
  • Better success in your STEM courses
  • Saving money and time by avoiding repetition of courses
  • Developing a mindset for success
  • Making new friends and broadening your community

Are you eligible?

  • Must be accepted as a SHSU student for the Fall 2023 semester
  • Completed at least MATH 1314 and/or 1316. 
  • Commitment to completing assignments

Physics Summer Bridge Registration (CLOSED)

If you have any questions or concerns contact us at stemcenter@shsu.edu

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