January 2019 Workshop

Join the Math 'A' Team

To apply online, click here: January 2019 Workshop

The SHSU STEM Center is looking for STEM Majors to join us on an exciting math adventure before the Fall 2019 semester at our STEM University Math Workshop.

  • Interactive and engaging techniques to increase your math skills
  • Increase chances of being successful in college-level math classes across all sciences
  • Especially helpful for students taking MATH 1314, 1410, OR 1316 in the Fall 2019
  • Stay on track to graduate in a timely manner

Why should you join us for the STEM Summer Math Workshop experience?

  • STEM Math Camp is Free.
  • STEM Math Camp is conducted in a stress-free environment.
  • STEM Math Camp is designed to help you IMPROVE your math skills.
  • STEM Math Camp's goal is to help you COMPLETE your degree in less time.

When is STEM Summer Math Workshop?

    • Main Campus of SHSU
    • January 13 (Sun) - January 15 (Tues)
    • 9am - 4pm
    • Lunch will be provided

To apply online, click here: January 2019 Workshop