Academic Resources

Medical Student Affairs (MSA)


Medical Student Affairs (MSA) focuses on providing academic support and learning resources to enhance medical students’ educational experience and help each student achieve his/her personal and academic goals.The MSA team offers academic counseling, tutoring, and career counseling.

Learning Communities


All entering first-year students will be assigned to one of four Learning Communities. These flexible, student-centered social and academic homes will be overseen by faculty and staff mentors who will act as advisors, teachers, and career development coaches. The learning communities will foster relationships between students and faculty, provide community service and team-building opportunities, focus on social networking, lifelong learning, peer mentoring, and include medical professionalism, ethics, and work-life balance sessions.

Newton Gresham Library (NGL)

The NGL is more than the standard image one might imagine. SHSU’s Library has welcoming architecture and large floor-length windows to bring in natural light. With individual study desks and study rooms for two-person and larger group study, the library is the place on campus for quiet, focused study time.

Dean of Students

Helps students with individual or group crisis, facilitates requests for student absence, assists with navigating campus procedures, and serve as an advocate for students, when needed.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Provides accommodations for students with disabilities to reach their full potential through a supportive and inclusive environment.