Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Therapist working on a patient's back

Program Overview

The BS in Kinesiology Program provides students an opportunity to understand the relationships among movement, exercise, and skill. Learning occurs through the study of movement and exercise processes within a framework that emphasizes the clinical and practical implications of theory and research. There are 14 hours of electives and an 18 hour minor, which allows students to take courses in their interest areas and tailor their degree.

Career Opportunities

The Kinesiology program prepares students for movement-related careers in:

  • Personal exercise
  • Training
  • Fitness
  • Community recreation
  • City parks and recreation
  • Medical sales
  • Athletic merchandizing

Uniqueness of Program

The degree option provides students a broad-based examination of Kinesiology. Students take online and face-to-face courses from a respected group of faculty which includes experts in Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Motor Learning, Biomechanics, Physical Education, Sport Management, Sport and Exercise Psychology and Sport Sociology.

Faculty Qualifications

The Kinesiology courses are taught by faculty who have terminal degrees in Kinesiology related program areas and have experience in the profession. The faculty have experience teaching at the college / university level and working with athletes, patients, and clients in hospital and clinical settings.

Contact Information

Dr. Gary Oden,, (936) 294-1211

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