Minor in Technical and Professional Writing

Minor in Technical and Professional Writing

The Minor in Technical & Professional Writing is your key to developing the communication skills necessary to stand apart from the crowd.

Why Do I Need this Minor?

Employers will expect you to know more than what you studied in your major. They’ll need you to combine expertise in your field with the ability plan and write documents for a variety of situations. Whether writing reports, presenting to customers, or communicating on social networks, you’ll use technical writing every day.

This minor provides a strong foundation in understanding the principles of communicating effectively across a variety of media. Students gain significant practice with planning, designing, and producing professional documents for different audiences. The minor consists of six courses:

  • ENGL 3330—Introduction to Technical Writing
  • ENGL 3377—Argument and Persuasion
  • ENGL 3378—Designing Written Documents
  • ENGL 4330—Writing in the Professions
  • ENGL 4335—Studies in Rhetoric
  • ENGL 4340—Professional Style and Editing

ENGL 3330 is offered either online or face to face; all other courses are offered online.