Certification & Testing FAQs

  • What tests do I have to take to be a teacher?

    This varies depending on what area you want to teach. All teacher candidates must demonstrate mastery of their content field (TExES Content Exam) and Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (TExES PPR exam). Additionally, all Early Childhood PK-3, EC-6 Core Subjects, 4-8 Core Subjects, and 4-8 English Language Arts and Reading teacher candidates must demonstrate mastery on the Science of Teaching Reading (STR) exam.

  • How many times can I take the exam?

    Test takers are limited to 5 attempts on any certification test under Texas Education Code § 21.048(a-1).

    Test Limit Waiver Information

  • When do I take my certification tests to be a teacher?

    All teacher candidates must pass the required TExES exam(s) for their content area prior to their student teaching or final Yearlong Residency semester. This includes the Science of Teaching and Reading (STR) test for PK-3, EC-6, 4-8 core and 4-8 ELAR teacher candidates.

    Candidates must take the benchmarks appropriate for their discipline throughout the program. Once a teacher candidate makes an 80% or higher on the content exam benchmark, approval may be given by the content department to take the actual TExES exam.

    Teacher Candidates should send the score report with a score of 80% or better to EDU_EdPrep@shsu.edu for TExES testing approval.

  • How can I prepare to take the tests?

    Practice TExES are offered through Certify Teacher and 240tutoring.

    The College of Education Testing Support Center offers a variety of study materials

  • Where do I register for the certification exam?
  • Where can I take the certification exam?

    You can take your certification exam anywhere it is offered worldwide. When you register for your certification exam select your testing location, date, and time.

    You can also view the TExES Registration which contains:

    • preparation materials
    • updated program policies
    • tests offered
    • test dates
    • registration information, steps and deadlines
    • fees and payment policies
    • identification (ID) requirements
    • test center procedures
    • score reporting information
  • Who Can Apply For Certification?

    Candidates that have passed ALL TExES and completed their program (usually at the end of Yearlong Residency, student teaching, or internship).

  • When can you apply for certification?

    Candidates can apply for certification when they have completed their program (usually at the end of Yearlong Residency, student teaching or internship) and passed all TExES.

  • Where can I apply for certification?

    You can apply for certification via TEAL

  • How long does it take TEA to certify me?

    Certification may take several business days. Candidates must have their fingerprints cleared by TEA to be certified. Candidates without fingerprints in TEA's database will be prompted on next steps. Candidates with fingerprints on file are typically certified more quickly.

    After SHSU recommends the candidate, and TEA issues the certificate, it will be available online.

  • What if I want to add a certification?

    For information about additional certifications go to the TEA website.

Contact: Jean Hubbartt, Certification Officer