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Resident students will receive an email, with instructions, when their mail is ready for pickup. Students should follow the instructions provided as pickup options have changed.

Please keep in mind – A delivery notice from the shipper does not mean your package is ready for pickup.

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Locker Pickup

KatPost Pickup

Departmental Deliveries

Locker Pickup

We are excited to provide student parcel lockers at Sam Houston State University starting Fall 2021. Resident students will pickup their package from a parcel locker if it is:

  • Smaller than 33” h x 16.5” w x 22.5” d,
  • Less than 70lbs,
  • Does not require a refrigeration, and
  • Not clearly labeled as medicine.

How to Pickup

You will receive an email notification with instructions on how and where to pick up your package from one of four Student Package Locker Banks on campus. But just in case, here is a quick user guide.

Step 1.

Receive email notification.

Step 2.

Go to specific parcel locker location according to email instructions.

Step 3.

Wave the emailed QR code or enter provided PIN number at the locker console.

Step 4.

Retrieve your package from open locker door.

Package pick up window will expire in 48 hours. When package pick up window expires, package will be sent back to KatPost. Do not leave items in the locker, including packaging material and trash.

Where to Pickup

Your notification email will include which location your package was delivered. Package Lockers are located at Sam Houston Village (across from KatPost), Bearkat Village Mailroom, Piney Woods Hall (across from Generals Market), and North Residential Parking Garage.

Bearkat Village

Piney Woods

Sam Houston Village

North Residential Parking Garage


If you are having any difficulty, please call us at 936-294-1936 or email at Calls and emails received after 5 p.m. will be addressed the next business day.

KatPost Pickup

Oversized, perishable, and refrigeration-required packages will be held at the KatPost. These items include but not limited to futons, Flat Screens TVs, food subscriptions, and medicines. We will only accept packages that are 70 lbs or lighter, with a girth of 108” or less. Girth refers to the distance around an object. Let us know in advance for larger items.

How to Pickup

Mail can be picked up anytime Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm at the KatPost. You may be asked to provide ID prior to releasing your mail. KatPost is located on Sam Houston Avenue between Subway and the Margaret Lea Houston Building at 1627 Sam Houston Avenue.

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Temporary Holds & Alternative Pickup Person

If you’re out-of-town or sick, you can request a temporary hold on your shipment or allow someone else to pickup your mail on your behalf. Send us an email with the details at

Departmental Deliveries

KatPost runs 4 delivery routes for department, covering 120 mail stops.

On-Campus Routes

Our main campus routes are completed in the morning, while providing an afternoon run at 2pm for departments requiring twice-a-day service.

Off-Campus Routes

Our off-campus route provides services in the early afternoon to the University Plaza, South Sam Complex and Woodforest Athletics building. University Plaza receives service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. South Sam receives daily service. Woodforest receives service as needed, which averages about 4 days a week. Additionally, we provide service as needed to 2 Museums near the campus and the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

What We Deliver

We deliver all mail and packages from the U.S. Postal Service, while FedEx and UPS can deliver directly to your location. Use your physical address when shipping through FedEx or UPS.

Need Help?

We’re open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

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