Bearkat Bucks

Bearkat Bucks are tax-free dollars placed in a pre-paid balance account that can be used to purchase items at the dining locations on campus. Bearkat Bucks that are associated to meal plans will rollover from Spring to Summer II. After Summer II, Bearkat Buck will reset to zero.

Where can I use them?

Bearkat Bucks can be used at any of our locations by swiping your Bearkat OneCard. You can use Bearkat Bucks to buy snacks at any P.O.D. location, buy lunch at Subway, or your morning coffee at Starbucks!

Find Food

How to Purchase

Bearkat Bucks are purchased in increments of $25, with a $25 minimum. Purchases are made through the SHSU MarketPlace, then applied to the student’s account by Residence Life. You will receive a notification when your Bearkat Bucks are ready to use.

Purchase Bearkat Bucks

Checking Your Balance

After each purchase, your Bearkat Bucks balance can be found on your receipt. You can also check online with the following steps.

  1. Login to MySam
  2. On the Students page, click “View Bearkat Bucks Balance” under Student Housing & Dining

Or, you can login to the Bearkat OneCard WebManager directly.

  1. Go to the Bearkat OneCard WebManager
  2. Click “Login
  3. Use your SHSU username & password

Check Your Balance

Remaining Balances & Refunds

All Bearkat Bucks accounts are cleared out at the conclusion of Summer Session II classes. This means that any balance on those accounts are cleared to a zero amount and no refunds are given. The only exception to this rule is if you resign from school (only your deposits are refunded, not bonus points included with your meal plan). – just remember, use it or lose it.

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