Writing in The Disciplines Program

The Writing-in-the-Disciplines (WID) Program at SHSU is part of a national movement, which is in turn related to the international effort of Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC). WID is about teaching students how writing works in their chosen discipline and using writing to learn. Students need to be taught how to become better writers and employ writing as a tool, and this instruction needs to be done from within particular disciplines.

Writing assignments are often used to support the goals of Writing in the Disciplines (WID), also called writing to communicate. Writing assignments of this sort are designed to introduce or give students practice with the writing conventions of a discipline and to help them game familiarity and fluency with specific genres and formats typical of a given discipline. For example, an engineering lab report includes much different information in a format quite different from an annual business report (WAC Clearinghouse).

“I receive emails from former students all the time thanking me for introducing them to a new level of learning through the writing I implement in my course.”

– Professor, College of Business Administration

“Never in a million years would I have thought as a major in Business Administration that I would have developed better writing skills to help me in the future.”

– P.H., 2020 SHSU Graduate

“The WD program significantly enhanced my writing during undergrad.”

– C.G., 2019 SHSU Graduate