Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Publications

Faculty at SHSU are dedicated to develop and improve teaching practices that might better facilitate learning in the classrooms. The following list portrays that commitment by sharing the various publications and presentations from our faculty, contributing to the national field of the scholarship of teaching and learning:

If you have materials that can be used in an active learning setting, we invite you to submit them to the Engaging Classrooms Library database. This digital repository is available to all teaching staff on campus as a peer-tested resource to utilize and incorporate active learning into their classrooms.

For a list of SoTL publications across academia, assembled and annotated by a Candian group of scholars, see their list.

  • Biology

    Todd Primm:

    Briggs, A. G., Hughes, L. E., Brennan, R. E., Buchner, J., Horak, R. E. A., Katz-Amburn, D. S., McDonald, A. H., Primm, T. P., Smith, A. C., Stevens, A. M., Yung, S. B., and Paustian, T. D. (2017). Concept Inventory Development Reveals Common Student Misconceptions about Microbiology. Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education18(3),9. 

    Paustian, T. D., Briggs, A. G., Brennan, R. E., Boury, N., Buchner, J., Harris, S., Horak, R. E. A., Hughes, L. E.,  Katz-Amburn, D. S.,  Massimelli, M. J., McDonald, A. H.,  Primm,T. P., Smith, A. C., Stevens, A. M., and Yung, S. B. (2017). Development, Validation, and Application of the Microbiology Concept Inventory.  Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education18(3), 10. 

    Yung, S. B., and Primm, T. P. (2015). Nucleotide Manipulatives to Illustrate the Central Dogma  Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education. 16(2), 274-277. 

    Yung, S. B., and Primm, T. P. (2014 )Active Learning for Basic Metabolic Pathways. Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education. 15(2), 319-320. 

  • Chemistry

    Darren Williams:

    Williams, D. (1996). PC Calculations Using Gaussian for Windows, Journal of Chemical Education, 73(7), 608-611.

    Williams, D. (2009). Beyond Lambda-Max Part 2: Predicting Molecular Color, Journal of Chemical Education, 86(3), 333-339.

    Williams, D. (2008). Discoveries in Chemistry & Textiles: a Two-Week Course in Germany & Paris, Chem Educator 13(6), 392-396. doi-10.1333/s00897082176a

    Williams, D. (2007). Beyond Lambda-Max: Transforming Visible Spectra into 24-bit Color Values, Journal of Chemical Education, 84(11), 1873-1877

    Williams, D. L.; Wild, C.; Benavides, M. G.; Nair, P.; Peebles, L.; Salvato, S.; Studer, J.; Vickers, A.; Wilson, B.; Mark, A.; Valdez-Ellis, M. (2012).Tuning of Chemistry, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Austin, TX with grant support from the Lumina Foundation for Education.

    Williams, D. (2015). Particle on a Ring Spectroscopic Selection Rules Determined by Group Theory, Journal of Chemical Education 92, 2165 – 2169.  

  • Communication Studies

    Michael Irvin Arrington:

    Arrington, M. I. (2020). When teaching failed in the interracial communication course:  On the need to teach dialogue and the need to teach dialogically. Communication Education, 69(4), 431-440. doi: 10.1080/03634523.2020.1804068.

  • Computer Science

    Li-Jen Lester:

    Lester, L.Y. & Dallat-Ward, Y. (2019). Teaching Professionalism and Ethics in Information Technology by Deliberative Dialogue. Information System Education Journal. 17(1). 4-17.

    Dallat-Ward, Y., Ward, J., Lester, L.Y., & Tao, M. (2019). A Preliminary Study: The Use of VoiceThread in Online Business Courses. Information System Education Journal. 17(3).29-40.

    Rice, M., Shannon, L. Y.  (2018). Project-Based Learning: A Structure to Facilitate Service Learning in an Online Interdisciplinary Project. In Community Engagement Best Practices Across the Disciplines: Applying Course Content to Community Needs. H.E. (Ed). Chapter 11. New York: Rowman & Littlefield.

    Lester, L.Y. (2017). Sustainability in Greening IT for Educational Systems, Proceedings of the EDSIG Conference, (3). 4353.

    Rice, M., Shannon, L. Y.  (2016). Developing Project Based Learning, Integrated Courses from Two Different Colleges at an Institution of Higher Education: An Overview of the Processes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned. Information Systems Education Journal. 14(3). 55-62.

  • English

    Carroll Nardone:

    Carroll Ferguson Nardone & Renée Gravois Lee (2010) Critical Inquiry Across the Disciplines: Strategies for Student-Generated Problem Posing, College Teaching, 59:1, 13-22, DOI: 10.1080/87567555.2010.489077

  • Public Health

    Stephen L. Brown:

    Brown, S. L. (2017). Teaching Economic Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs. Pedagogy in Health Promotion3(3), 146–153.