Past Recipients

The Writer's Life Beyond the Page: A Symposium Professors Ching-In Chen, Olivia Clare, Scott Kaukonen, Nick Lantz, and Amanda Nowlin-O’Banion
Increasing Student Success in SPSS Based Statistical Methods Courses Professors David Dippel, Cathy Lockwood, Casandra Wright, Darrel Silva, and Ejikr Edeh
Reimagining the Language Lab Experience Professors Leif French, Maria Barker, Ervin Malakaj, and Tatiana Artamonova
Redesign of Course, Instruction and Assessment of Chemical Kinetics in General Chemistry II: Improving Student Learning via Active, Practice-Oriented Performance Expectations Professors David Thompson, Adrian Villalta-Cerdas, and Christopher Zall
Technology Enhanced Mandatory Recitation Sessions Professors Umit Karabiyik and Tugba Karabiyik
Improving Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Education with Intelligent Computing by Integrated Lecture-Directed and Project-Based Learning Together Professors Qingzhong Liu, Khaled Rabieh, Mingkui Wei, and Hyuk Cho
Development of a Project-Based Introductory Manufacturing Process Course Professors Junkun Ma and Keith Coogler
Introducing Undergraduate Students to Kinesiology Using Team-Based Learning Professors Erica Pasquini, Rachael Wilcox, Patrick Davis, Brent Estes, and Emily Roper
PDA4 NCLEX Success Program for Nursing Students Professors Eloria Simon-Campbell, Jennifer Edeogu, Desha Johnson Makiya, Angelique Cunningham, and Mona Cockerha
Development of a Capstone Project Course in Computer Science Department Professors Bing Zhou, Timothy McGuire, and Min Kyung An
4+1 Teaching Certification Program Professors Mae Lane, Jaime Coyne, and Victoria Hollas
The Flipped Classroom Approach and Utilizing the Classroom of the Future in Increase Social Studies content Knowledge Professors Karla Eidson and Jaime Coyne