Faculty Writing Circles

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Faculty Writing Circles is a program at SHSU jointly sponsored by PACE and Writing in the Disciplines, with the purpose of stimulating and supporting faculty academic writing. A circle consists of 3-6 faculty who meet weekly and form an interdisciplinary supportive community. Through the key strategy of daily writing, the circles provide an encouraging community of accountability for the sometimes exhausting task of scholarly writing. Click here to find more information about participating in Faculty Writing Circles.

Writing Retreats

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We periodically host writing retreats as a chance for faculty to have some focused time for their scholarly writing. While retreats are part of the Faculty Writing Circles initiative, they are open to anyone. The dates and times for retreats will be announced in the PACE Newsletter (subscribe by completing the form in the side bar to the right of the page) and social media. Contact the program coordinator for more details.


"I decided to join the FWC because I have always struggled to stay focused and motivated with my academic writing. My support groups have helped me to feel less alone in those struggles and have helped me to feel like I have a community of scholars to support my successes."

Maria Barker (World Languages and Cultures)

"I joined the FWC to receive support from the SHSU community of writers. It's been a great way for me as a new faculty to meet people and to keep on track with my writing goals as I get settled into a new institution. Without this kind of social accountability, I know I wouldn't be having the strong start to this semester that I am! One of the things I love is seeing my daily progress in the writing log. It makes my effort feel more tangible and that keeps me going!"

Crystal Whetstone (Political Science)

"My research focuses on faculty success with tenure and promotion. We have built in accountability to students and colleagues when completing teaching and service tasks, but our research is often left without an accountability structure. Faculty writing groups emerge often in my research as an integral part of establishing an accountability system around completing research tasks. I joined for this accountability. I also have learned about the cool research projects others on campus are involved in, which makes me proud to work here. I am inspired when others succeed, and that motivates me to succeed as well. I am comforted knowing that the struggle through the research process is a common struggle, and I feel like the faculty involved in the writing circles here really do want to support each other through the process."

Ashton Mouton (Business Administration)

"Managing my own research projects is a challenge. Faculty are stretched between teaching, service, and life at home. Writing circles helped me carve out and organize time to work on my book project. I enjoy meeting faculty in other disciplines and learning about their projects. There are so many intelligent folks here at Sam!"

Grant Wiedenfeld (Mass Communication)