Effective Teaching for Hybrid Classes

External Resources

Sam Houston State University is changing all 2020 fall semester courses previously scheduled as on-campus face-to-face to the hybrid format. Here is a list of tools, resources, and strategies to facilitate learning more effectively in the hybrid course environment:

  • A comprehensive listing of many resources on hybrid learning from the Center for Teaching and Learning at Oregon State University.
  • You may want to start with traits of a well-designed hybrid course or descriptions of courses redesigned for hybrid learning.
  • Here is a list of descriptions for the official hybrid designs that Sam Houston State University will be implementing in Fall 2020.
  • A scorecard from the Online Learning Consortium to help you consider many aspects of the course, including learning outcomes, content, design, assignments, and engagement.

Faculty Examples

Fellow Faculty are willing to share their plans for their fall courses to give some potential suggestions that could prove beneficial to making your courses hybrid in the upcoming semester.

Ashly Smith Ph.D. - COBA - BUAD 3335 -Business Communication

Servicing Business Majors and Non-Majors; Section size: 30-36 students.

Hybrid Model: Split Week, Student Rotations

Accessibility Considerations

With Sam Houston State University shifting to the hybrid design it is important that student accessibility is taken into consideration. Here are a few resources that may prove helpful in keeping accessibility in mind.

Numerous Resources Available for already Captioned and Transcribed Audio/Visual Material:

For more information, questions or concerns about making your hybrid classes more accessible feel free to contact Morgan Lutz in the  Services for Students with Disabilities office.