Classroom Observations

PACE Classroom Observations

PACE provides confidential formative classroom observations for purposes of instructor improvement and development.  A rubric is used to guide classroom observations, and this feedback is given to the instructor.  Feedback only goes to the instructor, no administrators are contacted.  Instructors will be connected to resources to help improve teaching. If requested, a letter can be provided for a tenure or promotion packet or teaching portfolio, but this is optional and decided by the instructor.  This is the most personal mechanism from PACE to assist instructors in improving their teaching and learning.

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Engaging Classrooms Observations (ECO)

If you are interested in receiving an evidence-driven baseline in your teaching practices and contributing to the Engaging Classrooms QEP assessment, we invite you to participate in the Engaging Classrooms Observation program. The purpose of this program is to assist faculty with achieving their pedagogical goals by using their personalized baseline as a guide and aligning them with our Engaging Classrooms programs.

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