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ChatGPT: Get the Conversation Started

The higher-education community is responding to Artificial Intelligence (AI), and in particular one such AI tool, ChatGPT, with a mixture of consternation, trepidation, excitement, and a lot of anxiety. Inasmuch as AI seems to be the wave of the future, higher education needs to respond appropriately. Though it is acknowledged that information on AI changes almost daily, Professional and Academic Center for Excellence (PACE)  hosted a panel on the topic “To Get the Conversation Started,” at SHSU.

 Dr. Erin Owens published a resource guide at SHSU’s library, click the image to get started!   

chatgpt library

Dr. Xing Lui  presented on, “LLM Models and How They Work;” Dr. Ben Mitchell-Yellin on,  “What AI Concerns Reveal About Our Practices, Ethical Questions, and the Recent Change in the Student Code of Conduct Definition of Plagiarism;” Drs. Carroll Nardone and Todd Primm on, “Assignment Making in the Age of Artificial Intelligence;” Drs. Kristin Bennett and Brandon Strubberg on, “Student Approaches to Using AI for Assignments: A Pilot Study;” and Dr. Ryan Zapalac on “The Use of AI at SHSU.”

View the recording of the event here:

View the slides from the event here:

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Chat GPT Training

Talent Management has recently added a new training video about Chat GPT entitled, Training University: Road Testing Chat GPT in Talent Management. In order to view this training video, click here

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