2017 PACE Teaching and Learning Conference

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The 14th Annual SHSU Teaching & Learning Conference was held Thursday, August 17th. The keynote speaker was Dr. Christine Harrington, the Executive Director of the Student Success Center at the New Jersey Council of Community Colleges and Professor of Psychology at Middlesex Community College. Christine has extensive experience in scholarly teaching and faculty professional development.

Keynote 1

Dr. Harrington’s Keynote Address was entitled “Dynamic Lecturing.”

Research shows that lecturing is one of the best ways to teach novice learners (also known as first year students). Come explore how to maximize the effectiveness of your lecture by activating prior knowledge, zooming in on the most important concepts, integrating brief opportunities to reflect and process information, effectively using multi-media, and incorporating retrieval practice opportunities. You’ll walk away with several easy to implement strategies designed to increase learning.

Her Keynote Address Slides

Keynote 2

Her new book “Dynamic Lecturing” is available with our 20% discount (use code DYN20) from www.styluspub.com

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A blog on using research-based teaching practices, presented to ACUE (the Association of College and University Educators).

Two example videos of professional development by Dr. Harrington:


Official Schedule of Events

Session Title & Time


Registration & Breakfast

8:00am - 8:45am

CHSS Concourse Lobby

Welcome & Introduction

8:45am - 9:00pm

CHSS 070

Keynote: Dr. Christine Harrington

9:00am - 10:00am

CHSS 070

Concurrent Session A

10:10am - 11:00am

A1: Inter-Professional Disaster Education: Get Involved! (Slideshow) CHSS 226
A2: Teaching Students about Health through Mapping CHSS 233
A3: Getting Students to Read Their Textbooks - Christine Harrington (Slideshow) CHSS 210

A4: Beyond Research Assistance: Developing a Partnership with Your Embedded Librarian (Slideshow)

A5: Growing Power: Transformative Common Intellectual Experiences CHSS 242B

Lunch & Panel: Teaching Information Literacy followed by Exhibitor/Sponsor Session

11:15am - 1:30pm

Library tutorial for information literacy

Description of the NGLI1101 Digital Research Course

LSC Ballroom

Concurrent Session B

1:45pm - 2:35pm

B1: Using In-Class Journals to Promote Learning Objectives (Slideshow and Handouts) CHSS 206
B2: Encouraging Action and Confronting Conflict in ACE’d Courses CHSS 226
B3: Examining Scalability for Flipped Classrooms: Implementing and Studying Flipped College Algebra Across 32 Sections (Slideshow) CHSS 210
B4: Under Construction: Building Information Literate Critical Thinkers One Assignment at a Time CHSS 232
B5: Effective Mentoring in Undergraduate Scholarship CHSS 242A
B6: Why Can't Our Students Read? CHSS 242B

Concurrent Session C

2:45pm - 3:35 pm

C1: Measuring What Counts: How to Leverage Community Engagement CHSS 226
C2: Best Practices in Writing Pedagogy CHSS 206
C3: A Holistic Approach to Education: Teaching “Life Skills” to Students (Slideshow) CHSS 232
C4: Finding, Preparing, and Teaching with Case Studies CHSS 242A
C5: Supplementing Your Instruction: Strategies for Engagement and Collaboration in Problem- and Concept-Based Courses CHSS 242B

Keynote 4            Keynote 3