Alerts & Referrals

What is the Campus Connect Alert and Referral program?

The Campus Connect Alerts & Referrals program helps support student success by providing an early detection of students who are exhibiting signs of academic difficulty, or who could benefit from appropriate campus resources.

The goals of the Campus Connect Alerts & Referrals program are:

  • Streamline the process in how students are connected to student resources for academic and social support.
  • Increase a student’s likelihood of success by engaging the student with support services early on to develop a plan for academic success.
  • Provide faculty with a simplistic process for notifying student support departments of students who may be encountering barriers to college success in their course.


During a student’s enrollment, they may experience hardships that can impact their academic progress. Often, these hardships are the underlying reason why a student may be exhibiting specific behaviors that would suggest a lack of engagement in courses. If you are concerned about a student, we encourage you to issue an alert. Examples of alert reasons are:

  • Attendance Concerns
  • Behavioral/Medical/Family Concerns
  • Other (comments required)
  • Student needs Academic Support
  • Student needs Writing Support

Alerts are designed with a specific technology intervention model to prompt the appropriate department to act on providing support to the student. Any full-time staff or faculty member at SHSU may issue an alert on a student by following the alerts & referrals guide.

Alert destinations connect the student with the department that is equipped to adequately support the student based on the type of alert selected.

Alerts Flowchart
Alert Department Intervention
Attendance Concerns SAM Center Student & Faculty Outreach
Behavioral/Medical/Family Concerns Student Affairs Student Outreach
Other (comment required) Student Success Technologies Routed to appropriate department based on comments
Student needs Academic Support Academic Success Center Tutoring & Mentoring
Student needs Writing Support Academic Success Center Tutoring & Mentoring


Referrals are used to connect a student with a support resource when a faculty or staff uncovers a student’s need that aligns with services provided by a specific center. Referrals are used to nudge a student in making an appointment with a department and to inform the department of a student being referred to their services. This allows the department to proactively reach out to a student to connect the student with their services earlier on. Examples of referrals are:

  • Career/Major Exploration
  • Financial Insecurities
  • Food/Housing Insecurities
  • Services for Students with Disabilities
Referrals Flowchart
Referral Department Intervention
Career/Major Exploration SAM Center Career & Course Advising Discussions
Financial Insecurities Student Money Management Center Budgeting & Support Resources
Food/Housing Insecurities Student Affairs Support Resources
Services for Students with Disabilities Office of Services for Students with Disabilities Student outreach & application guidance