Orange Pride Dance Team - Tryouts and Workouts




Spring Tryout:  May 10th - 11th, 2019 *Must attend BOTH days*

Summer Tryout:  June 9th, 2018 *One-day Tryout*


AB III (Academic Building 3)

1922 Avenue J, Room 101

Huntsville, Texas



Friday, May 10th: Registration 4:00 p.m. to approx. 5:00 p.m. Tryouts 4:00 p.m. - approx. 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 11th:  9:00 a.m. to TBA

Summer Tryouts

Saturday, June 9th: 9 a.m. to TBA


$40 per tryout (not per day)

It is highly recommended to attend the Spring Tryout for placement on the team.  Summer Tryouts are used to full any positions not filled during the Spring Tryout.  Candidates not selected at the Spring Tryouts may also attend the Summer Tryouts.  Candidates are also encouraged not to wait for Summer Tryouts if possible in the event that all positions are filled during the Spring Tryout.

Recruit Questionnaire



  • Extensive Studio/Dance Training is a prerequisite
  • One Personal Letter stating why you want to be a part of the Orange Pride Dance Team and what you feel you will bring to our team.
  • Two dance specific references for evaluation purposes to include: Name, Email, and Phone Number.
  • New students must be admitted to Sam Houston State University for the upcoming Fall Semester in order to tryout.  Students cannot be admitted on any type of probation.
  • Sam Houston State University students must have a 2.2 cumulative grade point average and be in good standing with the university.  Students cannot be on any form of academic and/or disciplinary probation.
  • An application form and current transcript or copy of a letter of acceptance into SHSU must be turned in along with the $40 application fee.
  • Candidates need to bring a copy of their insurance to the audition.
  • Returning members of the team must have left the team in good standing the previous year.







What is the Audition format?

  • Solo Routines (Day 1-Preliminary round)
    • All candidates will participate in this session. Each candidate will perform a solo routine not to exceed 1:30 Minutes. Candidates can wear any costume/outfit that compliments their routine. Upon completion of your solo, you are free to change into your sports bra and hot shorts for the remainder of Day 1 events.
  • SHSU Fight Song (Day 1-Preliminary round)
    • Each candidate will be scored on pom technique and performance. Taught via YouTube Link. Will be mailed out one week prior to auditions.
    • Make sure to register for Tryouts in order to receive the link.
  • Individual Technique (Day 2- Semi-Final Round)
    • Quad Pirouette: Parallel Passe, must be to the right
    • A la seconde turns: Minimum 2 eight count turn combination of your choice & must be to the right.
    • Leg Turn: Can be front, side or back & on either side.
    • Center Leap: you may prep however you would like.  This can be on either side.
    • Calypsos: You will need to prep with at least one chaine turn before this leap. This must be done to the right
    • Switch Variation: May choose any type of switch leap & can be performed on either side. (Example: Switch tilt, Switch reverse jete, Switch leap, Switch Center, etc)
    • Hip Hop Skills: must show strength, control and/or flexibility. Scored on execution and degree of difficulty. (example: headstand, kip up, headspring, rubber band, hopping handstand, etc)
    • Side Aerial: Can be on either side. If you cannot do this skill, you will be asked to do your most advanced cartwheel.
    • Splits: Right, Left, Center.
  • Audition Routine (Day 2- Semi-Final Round)
    • Approximately 6 eight counts of Jazz and 6 eights of hip hop
    • A variety of skills will be included in the combination in order to review your technique, skill level, and ability to perform the skills within a routine setting. 
    • Taught via YouTube Link. Will be mailed out one week prior to auditions.
  • Across the Floor Improvisation (Day 2-Final Round)
    • This section will be done with all candidates in the room.  We will play music and each candidate will need t go across the floor showing any skills they would like the judges to see. This will be limited to no more than 3-eight counts. All technical skills should be connected with appropriate dance movement.
    • All finalist will be asked to perform 2 rounds of across the floor improvisation.
    • Each round will be limited to 3-eight counts in length
    • This should highlight any skills that the candidate has not had the chance to perform during the preliminary round.
    • Should include a combination of appropriate dance movement and technical skills.
  • Potential Call Backs (Final Round)
    • This may consist of Fight Song, Audition Routine, Technique and Interview. 

What should I wear:

Friday night:

  • Wear any sports bra and hot shorts that you prefer.

Audition day:

  • Black hot shorts
  • Solid Black Sports Bra (small logos are acceptable, no embellishments)
  • No embellishments on top or bottoms allowed
  • Hair down and fixed
  • Full Performance Makeup (this includes a nice shade of Red Lipstick and lip liner)
  • Jazz shoes (can not dance bare foot, color of shoe does not matter)
  • Nail Polish should be clear/French/American manicured.
  • NO JEWELRY allowed, except rhinestone earrings

If I mess up, can I do the routine again?

It is completely at the discretion of the judges if a candidate will be given more than one opportunity to perform the routine. Usually a candidate is given a second opportunity if she does not execute enough of the routine for them to determine a score.

When will we find out who has been selected for the team?

The final results will be announced at the conclusion of the tryouts. There is not a predetermined number of candidates that will be selected, but the team usually consists of around 30 dancers. 

Can my family and friends watch the tryout? 

The entire tryout process is closed to the public