Orange Pride Dance Team - Tryouts and Work Days

Orange Pride Tryout Information:

Important Dates:

April 1: Tryout Application Due

April 15: Tryout Video links and Letter of Intent must be submitted for all candidates

May 8: Invitations to In Person tryouts will be sent to all finalist

May 20-21: Orange Pride Dance Team In Person Tryouts will be held at SHSU campus

May 21: 2022-2023 Orange Pride Dance Team is officially announced to public.


General Audition Requirements:

Freshman/Transfer Students-

  • Accepted to Sam Houston State University for Fall 2022

Current SHSU students-

  • Enrolled full time (Undergraduate:12 hours, Graduate: 9 hours)
  • Current GPA of 2.0 or above

Extensive Studio/ Dance Training is a prerequisite

One Letter of Intent stating why you want to be part of the Sam Houston State University Dance Team and what you feel you would bring to our team.

Not allowed to participate in Fall Greek Recruitment

No Application Fee


Video Requirements:

Completed Online Application by April 1


Please start your video by introducing yourself

  1. Name
  2. Age and school you are graduating/transferring from
  3. What dance studio you are from


Please submit a video of the following technique:

  • Quad Pirouette (must be done to the right)
  •  Advanced A la seconde turns (must be 2 8counts min. and 4 8 counts max., done to the right)
  • Leg Turn: Can be front, side, back and on either side
  • Center Leap: you can prep however you would like, can be done on either side
  • Calypso: prep with at least one chaine turn before the leap, this must be done to the right
  • Switch Variation: may choose any time of switch leap, and can be done on either side (examples: switch tilt, switch arabesque, switch center)
  • Hip Hop Skill: Must show strength, control and/or flexibility. Scored on execution and degree of difficulty. (examble: headspring, kip up, rubberband)
  • Aerial: can be on either side or front, If you can not do this skill, please perform your most advanced cartwheel.



We are looking for SHARP motions, correct motion placement, CONFIDENCE, and high energy in the fight song.

Below you will find links to the fight song and a link to the fight song music:


Instructional Fight Song:

Fight Song Music:




(please make sure they are marked as private so only those with the link can see your video)

 Again, thanks so much for your interest in our program. We will be evaluating your video and reaching out to you individually. If you have any questions, feel free to email

Tryout Application