Sam Houston State University’s mascots perform at University athletic events, pep rallies, community events, and parades, as well as various other appearances throughout the year.


What do the mascots do? 

You name it, the mascots do it. Mascots are unique in that their job is not finished when an athletic season ends. They make appearances at events and locations other than athletic, such as talent shows, child care facilities, University recruitment programs, alumni meetings, and administrative functions. The mascots are responsible for creating skits for athletic and other events and performing them at the appropriate time. The main duty, however, of the mascot is to promote school spirit and excitement on campus in any way possible. The more creative the better.

How much time will being a mascot take? 

Being a mascot takes more time than you might think. Applicants should take a look at their priorities, class and work schedules, academic ability, and other responsibilities before making the decision to try out for mascot. Listed below is a rough estimate of the number of hours expected of mascots throughout the year. This information is subject to change.


• Attend a three day retreat (date to be determined at try-outs)
• Appearances at Orientation sessions throughout summer (approximately 10 hours)
• Attend summer camp and practices for a week at the end of July
• Return up to a week before school starts to practice and participate in Welcome Week

• Practice and conditioning (3-8 hours a week)
• Attend and perform at football games, volleyball matches, publicity tours, and Kat Kalls (approximately 8 hours a week)
• Various community and University appearances (approximately 30 hours per semester)

• Attend and perform at two to four basketball games a week (approximately 6-12 hours a week)
• Various University and community appearances (approximately 20-30 hours per semester)


How much does it cost to be a mascot? 

The mascots are supported financially through Student Service Fees, which makes participation very affordable. The University pays for most costumes, props, tapes, and other expenses for mascot use. Summer Camp is paid for by the University as well as most meals while at camp. Camp clothing is not paid for and varies in cost but typically will not exceed $100. Transportation, lodging, and meals to selected away games are furnished by the University.


Who can try out for mascot? 

To try out for mascot, you have to be either accepted or currently a student at Sam Houston State University and must maintain a 2.0 cumulative SHSU GPA.


Are scholarships available? 

Yes. First-year mascots do not receive scholarships in the Fall at this time is used to train individuals in the role of Sammy. However, scholarships may be available in the Spring if proper character development is shown. Veteran mascots may receive a larger scholarship any where from $500 dollars a semester to full tuition and fees up to 12 credit hours. Along with the ability to waiver out of state. This is all based on the availability of funds from the Student Service Fee Committee.

*students on scholarship must maintain a 2.0 cumulative SHSU grade point average, and a full course load (12 hours undergraduate, 9 hours graduate) each semester.


Who's in charge of the mascots? 

The University provides the cheerleaders and mascots with professional advising and coaching. The mascots may be required to attend practice at a time specified by the Coach or Advisor for meetings, skit development, or physical conditioning.


When are tryouts and how will they work? 

Try-Outs usually occur in late April or early May. Specific dates can be found on the Spirit Programs web site under the "Try-out/Workday" tab.

Please call for questions regarding the specific try-out procedure. 

All candidates trying out, must provide proof of medical insurance, complete and the mascot application, questionnaire, plus a $20 application fee should be received by the Spirit Programs office prior to the try-out date.

All applications may be sent to:

Spirit Programs

1802 Ave I Suite 328
Box 2507
Huntsville, TX 77341.

For more information, call the Spirit Programs Office at 936-294-4239.


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