All Girl Cheer

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cheerleadersHow many members are on the team, and what do they do?

This squad will carry from 25-40 members with each member trying out again each year.  Members will cheer for home football games, away football games as designated, women's home basketball and playoff games and make campus and community appearances.


How much does it cost to be on the team?

Participation costs are moderate and as we seek funding from the University, it will be necessary for members to cover costs which include team shirts, shorts, shoes and team functions.  All members will be expected to participate in fund-raising efforts to cover other costs that arise throughout the semester.  However, uniforms and warm-ups are issued to each girl and will not need to be purchased. 


How much time is required?cheerleaders

Practices will be held three times a week for two to three hours per practice.  Games occur once to twice a week with related functions.  Appearances as directed by the coach and advisor will arise throughout the semester.


Are scholarships offered?

Yes Scholarships are offered. The Scholarship are to be determined by the coaching staff each semester. This amount may increase depending upon budget allocations and individual skills. All out of state members will be eligible to get in state on the availability of funds from the Student Service Fee Committee. 

However, members will still be required to carry a 2.0 minimum GPA.  Anyone not meeting the above criteria will need to speak with the coach and advisor prior to try-outs.