Completed Construction

Woodforest Bank Athletics Center - Fall 2019

WFNBSuite 2B - 2  WFBAC  WFNBSuite 3 -3

Art Complex - Fall 2019

IMG_0634  IMG_0638  IMG_0635

Robert & Erin Steele Golf Facility - Spring 2019

Golf1  Golf2  Golf3  Golf4

Gibbs Ranch Conference Center - Spring 2019


Lowman Student Center Expansion Phase I - Spring 2019

Atrium  LSCExpansion600  MeetingView  BowlingAlley900

Life Sciences Building - Fall 2018

LifeSciences1  LifeSciences2

Piney Woods Hall - Fall 2017

Piney Woods Hall  Piney Woods Hall-3  Piney Woods Hall-2

General's Market - Spring 2017

SouthsideDining2  SouthsideDining

Fred Pirkle Engineering Technology Center - Fall 2016

Pirkle7  Pirkle3  Pirkle6  Pirkle2

Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum Renovation - Fall 2016

Coliseum1  Coliseum2  Coliseum3

Charles W. Tacket Renovation & Expansion - Spring 2015

University Police Building Exterior

Woodlands Level 4 Nursing Skills & Simulation Labs - January 2015

Woodlands Level 4 Nursing Skills Lab and Classroom

Post Office

Exterior of Post Office

Student Health & Counseling Center - August 2014

Student Health & Counseling Center Exterior  Student Health & Counseling Center Waiting Room  Student Health & Counseling Center Examination Room  Student Health & Counseling Center Exterior2

University Camp - September 2013

University Camp Cabin ExteriorUniversity Camp PoolCabin InteriorUniversity Camp Pool 2University Camp Lodge InteriorUniversity Camp Lodge ExteriorExterior Dining Hall University CampExterior of Cabin at University Camp

The Woodlands Center - May 2012

The Woodlands Center1The Woodlands Center2The Woodlands Center3The Woodlands Center4

Lone Star Hall - Residence Building - August 2011

(Photos courtesy of Shau Lin Hon, Slyworks Photography, Inc.)

Inerior view of common meeting area in Lone Star HallExterior view of Lone Star HallDorm room picture in Lone Star Hall

Old Main Market - Dining Facility - August 2011

(Photos courtesy of Will Crocker, Crocker Studio)

Interior picture of new dining facilityInterior picture of workstations in new dining facilityExterior picture of new dining facilityExterior picture of new dining facility2

James & Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center - October 2010

James & Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center James & Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center2 James & Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center3 James & Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center4 James & Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center5

College of Humanities and Social Sciences - January 2009

Side view of new College of Humanities and Social Sciences building.One of the entrances to the new CHSS building.Inside view of staircase in CHSS building.

Corner view of new CHSS building.

University Plaza - October 2007

Office of President 1Office of President 2Office of President 3Office of President 4Office of President 5

Office of President 6

Raven Village - July 2006

Raven Village

Strength & Fitness Center - July 2006

Strength & Fitness Center

Chemistry & Forensic Science Building - January 2006

Chemistry and Forensic Science Building

Health and Kinesiology Center - December 2005

Health and Kinesiology Center Health and Kinesiology Center2 Health and Kinesiology Center3 Health and Kinesiology Center4 Health and Kinesiology Center5 Health and Kinesiology Center6 Health and Kinesiology Center7 Health and Kinesiology Center8

Baseball/Softball Complex - August 2005

Baseball/Softball Complex1 Baseball/Softball Complex2

Visitor & Alumni Center - August 2005

Visitor & Alumni Center Visitor & Alumni Center2Visitor & Alumni Center3Visitor & Alumni Center4 Visitor & Alumni Center5 Visitor & Alumni Center6 Visitor & Alumni Center7

Bell Tower - April 2005

Bell Tower Bell Tower2 Bell Tower3 Bell Tower4

COBA Expansion - April 2005

COBA Expansion1 COBA Expansion2

Sam Houston Village - August 2004

Sam Houston Village1 Sam Houston Village2 Sam Houston Village3 Sam Houston Village4

Signage - April 2004

Signage1 Signage2 Signage3 Signage4

South Paw - January 2004

South Paw building1 South Paw building2 South Paw building3

Parking Garage - October 2003

Parking Garage

Bearkat Village - August 2003

Bearkat Village1 Bearkat Village2