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The Texas Infrastructure Student Alliance is a nonpartisan coalition in support of infrastructure projects within the state.

Our mission is to unite Texas universities in support of mobility and innovative progress.


About the Texas Central Railway

In a state that values independence, mass transit becomes a unique challenge. The Texas Central Railway project is being developed with Texas in mind. The privately funded project aims to build a high speed railway connecting Houston and Dallas that will ease the commuting process, alleviate traffic, promote economic growth, and pave the way for future infrastructure innovations. Public transit is vital to the continued success of our state.

The Texas Central Railway project will provide safe and cost-effective transportation to a growing population. Furthermore, Texas Central’s commitment to honoring private property rights is both novel and admirable. The Texas Infrastructure Student Alliance proudly endorses this project. As students, we are incredibly concerned about the future of Texas.

We believe such a railway would be a major asset to the state and an incredible example for the rest of the nation. Individually, each university in the alliance has passed a resolution in support of the railway. Together, the members of the alliance will continually support all efforts of the Texas Central Railway.

Alliance Members

Sam Houston State University

University of North Texas

Navarro College

Official Documents

Sam Houston State University:
Resolution 14 - 11
University of North Texas:
Resolution 14 - 08


Alliance Co-Chair: Drew B. Carson
Phone: (903)-701- 0876
Alliance Co-Chair: Sarah Landsman
Phone: (936)-676-4219