Career employment after college graduation is increasingly competitive, and students at Sam Houston State University must learn to recognize transferrable skills gained from academic and co-curricular experiences and be able to promote them to future employers. These are the officially established SHSU KATTRIBUTES that students should possess upon graduation that make them marketable to employers.

KATTRIBUTE Examples Value
Career Ready Navigating pathways that connect education and employment
  • Is flexible
  • Is dependable
  • Adapts to changing work environments
  • Takes initiative
  • Is self-reflective
  • Provides for a smooth transition from education to employment, contributing to decreased learning curves
The exchange of information between individuals and/or systems
  • Exhibits appropriate oral communication
  • Shows good written communication
  • Uses digital media competently
  • Has appropriate social skills
  • Necessary for successful interactions
  • Central to relationship development
Critical Thinking
Analyzing and evaluating in order to form a judgment
  • Makes informed decisions
  • Can analyze and solve complex problems
  • Plans strategically
  • Can work with numbers
  • Promotes thorough and thoughtful solutions
Dealing with good and bad with moral duty and obligation
  • Is honest
  • Is responsible
  • Shows strong social responsibility
  • Has strong work ethic
  • Exhibits sound judgment
  • Provides a moral compass for behavior
Subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude
  • Possesses successful leadership experiences
  • Works well with diverse groups of people
  • Creates a collaborate culture to achieve more efficient and effective results