Academic Integrity Week


What is academic integrity? Academic integrity is bedrock to what we all—students, faculty, and staff—do at this university and who we are as Bearkats. Learn more during the week that kicks off on Monday, Feb. 19 from 12- 3 p.m. in Parker Plaza! Presentations will address many of the pressing challenges we face in teaching, learning, and research, including artificial intelligence, proper citations, and the importance of foundational values. Join us for Sammy the Bearkat, free swag, and an opportunity to sign the academic integrity pledge!

MONDAY (2/19): 1/5
Time Location Event
12:00-3:00pm Kickoff in the Parker Plaza Come sign the academic integrity pledge with Sammy the Bearkat and swag!
TUESDAY (2/20): 2/5
Time Location Audience Topic Event
12:00-1:00pm Virtual: Zoom Faculty Using Generative AI in Teaching and Learning Session will demonstrate the power of the new AI Design Assistant in Blackboard Ultra courses as well as showcase SHSU Online’s newest digital teaching certification course, Using Generative AI in Teaching and Learning.

Presenter: Jacob Spradlin
2:00-3:00pm NGL 106/110 Students To cite, or not to cite: Quick Tips to Avoid Plagiarism Presenters will address general citation principles. Participants will review real-life scenarios and discuss strategies to avoid common mistakes in classroom and business contexts.

Presenters: Susan Strickland, Eric Owens, Lisa Shen, Dianna Kim, Rebecca Yantis
WEDNESDAY (2/21): 3/5
Time Location Audience Topic Event
12:00-1:00pm NGL 106/110 Faculty and students Student Rights, Faculty Responsibilities, and Everything In Between!: Tips for Navigating All Sides of Academic Integrity This interactive session will focus on academic integrity reporting procedures from both Academic Affairs and Student Affairs perspectives. Topics will include relevant policies, best practices for reporting, the SHSU Honor Code, and student responsibilities for protecting their academic work and progress.

Presenters: Chelsea Smith, Ryan Zapalac
2:00-3:00pm Virtual: Zoom Faculty and students Maintaining High Standards: A Panel Discussion on Academic Integrity with members of the College of Health Sciences Experts from various health science fields will participate in a panel discussion geared towards students and faculty that promises to address issues surrounding ethics in research, the importance of integrity within the field of health sciences, and strategies to uphold academic honesty standards.

Panel Members: Keila Tyner, Ivys Fernandez-Pastrana, Adannaa Alexander, Debra Balandran - Graduate Research Assistant, + Colleagues from SHSU's College of Health Sciences

Moderator: Christine Cardinal
THURSDAY (2/22): 4/5
Time Location Audience Topic Event
12:00-1:00pm Virtual: Zoom Faculty Academic Integrity and Effective Assessment Session will cover Strategies for promoting academic integrity and effective assessments practices for courses with a digital component.

Presenter: Jacob Spradlin
2:00-3:00pm NGL 106/110 Faculty The Write Path: A Tutor's Journey in Fostering Integrity Join our writing tutors as they share their insights and strategies for fostering integrity in writing assignments. Explore practical approaches to guide students towards academic excellence while maintaining the highest standards of honesty and originality in their work.

Presenters: Fadia Braktia, Ashtin Pyle, Jaysee Pledger, Alivia Ragsdale, Lauren Teel
FRIDAY (2/23): 5/5
Time Location Audience Topic Event
12:00-1:00pm NGL 106/110 Faculty and students What’s Ethics Got to Do with It?: Exploring Integrity in Research In this session we will discuss common ethical concerns in academic research as well as strategies on how to navigate those issues.

Presenter: Patrick Davis
2:00-3:00pm Virtual: Zoom Students Academic Integrity and Your Career This session will provide students with insights about the importance of academic integrity and how it shapes the trajectory of your career prospects.

Presenter: Greg Fremin