Unit 4: Molecular Genetics and Heredity of Livestock

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Molecular Genetics Day 1   Molecular Genetics Day 1 DNA Crossword   DNA Crossword Key  
Protein Synthesis Day 2   Protein Synthesis Day 2

Drag and Drop

Codon decoder

Protein Synthesis Day 3   Protein Synthesis Day 3 MonsterLab Worksheet      
Protein Folding Day 4  

Protein Folding


DNA Extraction

Day 5

    Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab      
Mendelian Genetics Day 6   Mendelian Genetics Day 6

Mendel Game   

Toothpick fish

Inheritance Day 7   Inheritance Day 7        
Inheritance Lab Day 8     Inheritance Lab Day 8      
Heredity Day 9   Heredity Day 9 Case Study      
Mutation Day 10   Mutation Day 10     Recovering the Romanovs  
Genetic Selection Day 11   Genetic Selection Day 11 Genetic Selection Crossword      
Genetic Engineering Day 12            
Expected Progeny Difference Day 13   Expected Progeny Difference Day 13 Expected Progeny Difference Worksheet      
Unit 4 Review     Unit 4 Review      
Unit 4 Exam     Unit 4 Exam      
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    Mendel’s Law of Inheritance PPT     Mendel Game

Recovering the Romanovs


Tooth Pick Fish

    Mendel’s Law of Inheritance PPT       Molecular Genetics Investigation LAB
  Nucleic Acid Parts List History Genetics DNA Crossword     Parts of Nucleic Acids Investigation LAB
  Codon decoder Protein Synthesis Drag and Drop Protein synthesis     Beaker Creatures
Day 5 Protein Synthesis Review SAE Nucleic Acids Take home Research Protein synthesis       Monster Lab
Day 6 Protein Folding Protein Folding Notesheet Protein Folding and The Impact of Mutations Protein Folding Quiz      
Day 7 Impact of Mutations Lab   DNA Extraction - Strawberries       Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab
Day 8 Inheritance   Inheritance PPT       Pasta Genetics Complete
Day 9 Inheritance   Inheritance PPT Genetics_longhorn_Worksheet      
Day 10 EPD   EPD CAC ppt EPD Worksheet      
Day 11 EPD Who s your daddy - EPD activity EPD Bull class        
Day 12 Heredity   Heredity ppt Colorado agsci        
Day 13 Genetic Transfer   Genetic Transfer PPT Genetics crossword      
Day 14 Genetic Transfer       Reebops  
Day 15 Test       Unit 7 Test Unit 7 Test - Key Land of the Mutants
Unit 4 Outline Genetic Terms History of Genetics DNA Lab Unit 4 Test Biotech-Adventures  
Meiosis 1 Nucleotide Model Animal Reproduction and Genetics DNA Extraction open    
Meiosis 2 open Cell Structure and Function Improving Genetics Essay Assignment open    
Mendelian Lesson open Expected Progeny Differences EPD Worksheet open    
DNA Lesson open Epithelia Cells Longhorn Genetics Worksheet open    
open open Principles of Genetic Lab - Improved Genetics open    
open open Genetics Modeling DNA open    
open open Genetics and Breeding Punnet Square open    
open open Genetics and Heredity Genetics Word Match open    
open open Genetics in Longhorns Genetics Word Match KEY open    
open open Hollywood Squares - cell parts Genetics Crossword open    
open open Meiosis Genetics Word Scramble open    
open open Sex-Linked Characteristics Genetics Word Scramble KEY open    
open open Cheek Cell Strawberry DNA open    
open open open DNA Crossword open    
open open open Dominance open