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How do I get into the PGA Golf Management Program at Sam Houston State University?

The first step is to apply and be accepted as a student to Sam Houston State University. You may apply at the following link: ( ). Once accepted into Sam Houston State University, you will then set up an appointment with the PGA Golf Management office to discuss admission into the program. To be accepted in the PGA Golf Management program, you will then fill out a separate application for the program and need to verify a 12 handicap or better.

Once I am accepted to Sam Houston State, how do I set an appointment to learn more about the PGA Golf Management Program?

You may set up an appointment by calling the PGA Golf Management Office at 936-294-4810. Appointments are available to schedule Monday to Friday 8am-4pm.

As a transfer student can I still enroll in the PGA Golf Management Program at SHSU?

The PGA Golf Management program at Sam Houston State University is designed as a freshman entry program.  Transfer students will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Due to the PGA Education being set up as a cohort program, regardless of how many hours that you transfer into SHSU the program will take four and a half years to complete. We have found that approximately 30 hours of completed credit is the maximum to enter into the program. Once a student is over this threshold it would be faster for them to become a PGA Member through the traditional PGA Apprentice program.


Where can I go on my Internship?

You may take an internship position anywhere as long as you are working for a PGA of America Professional. The only exceptions that are made to this rule is that you can serve an internship where the British Open or Ryder Cup is being played that year regardless of whether or not you work for a PGA of America Professional or not.

Finding the right internship for you is done one of the following three ways:

  • Golf Professionals from around the country contact our office looking to hire and mentor PGA Golf Management Students.
  • You already have a facility in mind or a PGA Golf Professional that you would like to learn from.
  • The Internship Coordinator makes cold calls throughout the year to find positions that would be a good learning experience for our students.

Are they paid internships?

The PGA of America requires that these are paid positions that meet all US Labor Laws. The amount that the position pays typically depends on the area of the country in which it is located. A few of the internships also include housing in addition to the hourly wage.

Players Ability Test (PAT)

What is the Players Ability Test (PAT)?

The Players Ability Test is a one-day 36-hole test in which you required to match or beat a Target Score. The Target Score is determined by taking the course rating, multiplying it by two and adding fifteen to that total. Here is an example for a course with a rating of 72.0. You would multiply 72 times two to get 144 and then add 15 to get a Target Score of 159.

Is there a fee to take the Players Ability Test?

Yes. The fee is $100 plus course fees which can range up to $50 per PAT attempt.

Can I take my Players Ability Test (PAT) before I get on campus?

You may take your PAT at any time before arriving to SHSU. To find a PAT near you use this link:

How often may I attempt the PAT?

Prior to passing the PAT, each student must take at least one PAT per semester as a PGA of America guideline. You can take the test as many times as needed and we encourage students to also take at least one over the summer while on internship.

What else does not passing the PAT affect?

Until you have passed the PAT, you will be only registered in morning classes. This is with the thought that you will attend class in the morning, practice and play in the afternoon and then study in the evenings. In addition, you will automatically be enrolled in the Player Development Program.

What happens if I do not pass my PAT before graduation?

Passing the PAT is a requirement for receiving the Specialization of PGA Golf Management on your degree at graduation. You will still receive your Bachelors of Business Administration degree, however, you will not have the PGA Golf Management Specialization.

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