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The College of Health Sciences is pleased to announce the appointments of six new full time faculty members, effective Fall 2013:

    • Ms. Patty Galloway, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
    • Ms. Linda James, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
    • Ms. Celeste Roberts, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
    • Ms. Pam Stanoshek, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
    • Ms. Charmin White, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
    • Dr. Jihuyn Lee, Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Kinesiology

    We are also pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Judy Upshaw to the position of Director of Nursing Laboratories.

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    Health Sciences Employment/Internship Opportunities

    Numerous opportunities exist for employment and internship experiences within a 30 mile radius of the main campus in Huntsville.  Links to some of the larger organizations are provided below. 

    The City of Huntsville provides many exciting and challenging employment opportunities for students while in school, including internship experiences.  Local health care organizations include:

    The Woodlands/Conroe area is a community located 30-35 miles south of Huntsville and is home to a large and growing number of healthcare organizations that offer employment and internship opportunities to Sam Houston State University students.

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