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Business Analysis Course Descriptions & Prerequisites 2012-2014

BANA 2372 (BAN 232) Business Analysis. 
An introduction to the use of quantitative business techniques. Topics include: organizing and presenting data, descriptive statistics, probability, discrete and continuous distributions, systems of equations, modeling, optimization procedures, and statistical inference. Credit 3. (Taught each semester.)
Prerequisite: MATH 1314 or MATH 1324 or MATH 1420.

BANA 3363 (BAN 363) Intermediate Business Analysis. 
A continuation of BAN 232 (BANA 2372) and is designed to introduce the use of statistics as a business tool in the face of incomplete knowledge. Topics include: estimation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, goodness-of-fit measures, correlation, simple and multiple regression. Credit 3. (Taught each semester.)
Prerequisite:  50 Completed Hours; BANA 2372

BANA 3364 (BAN 364) Operations Research. 
Quantitative methods used in the analysis of business problems. Topics include decision theory, linear programming, transportation and inventory models, Bayesian probability, and queuing theory. Credit 3
Prerequisite: 50 Completed Hours; BANA 2372.

BANA 4365 (BAN 465) Introduction to Business Forecasting and Econometrics. 

The application of statistical methods for business and economic forecasting and for hypothesis testing, estimation, and analyzing economic data. Credit 3.
Prerequisite: 50 Completed Hours; ECON 2301 & ECON 2302 & BANA 3363. 

Graduate Level Courses

BANA 5300  Quantitative Tools for Business
An introduction to a variety of quantitative tools used in the business sector.
Prerequisite:  None

BANA 5368  Techniques of Statistical Analysis
An integration of the concepts and application of statistical and quantitative techniques currently used in business decision making.
Prerequisite:  None

BANA 5380  Readings in Business Analysis
Directed study in special topics in accounting.  
Prerequisite:  Approval of Department Chair and Graduate Coordinator.


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