International Business Degree Plan

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All students are required to complete the University general education requirements (common core) as described in Degree Requirements and Academic Guidelines section in the catalog

In addition, each program of study pursuant to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree includes Core Courses for the Foundation Knowledge for Business. Additional course requirements are outlined by specific departments

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International Business Major Degree Plan (SAMPLE ONLY)

First Year
ENGL 1301 & 1302 Composition I
Composition II
6 credits University Core
HIST 1301 & 1302 United States History to 1876
United States History since 1876
6 credits University Core
MATH 1324 Mathematics for Managerial Decision Making I 3 credits University Core
GEOG 1301, 1101 and GEOG 1436 or Physics Laboratory Science Elective.

Two four-hour laboratory science courses from: Biology, Chemistry, Geography/Geology (the only geography courses that satisfy a laboratory science requirement
3 credits University Core
ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics. 3 credits Business Core
AGRI 2399, ARTS 1301, 1311, 1316 or 1301, DANC 1372, 1301, FACS 1360, MUSI 2338, 1301, 2364, 1306, THEA 1330 Visual and Performing Arts Elective.

Select courses from Horticulture and Crop Sciences, Family and Consumer Sciences, Art, Dance, Music and Theatre
3 credits University Core
KINE 2115 Fitness for Living 3 credits University Core
30 credits
Second Year
ENGL 2331 or 2342 World Literature I
World Literature II
3 credits University Core
PHIL 2361 or 2306 Introduction to Philosophy
Contemporary Moral Issues
3 credits University Core
MATH 1324 Mathematics for Managerial Decision Making I 3 credits University Core
COMS 2382 or BAUD 2321 Communication for Business and the Professions;
Design and Presentation of Business Projects
3 credits Business Core
ECON 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 credits Major Requirement
POLS 2301, 2000-level Political Science Principles of American Government — National and State, for example 6 credits University Core
ACCT 2301 & ACCT 2302 Principles of Financial Accounting
Principles of Managerial Accounting
6 credits Business Core
BANA 2372, BUAD 2301 Business Analysis.
Business Legal Environment
6 credits Business Core
BUAD 1305 or CSTE 1330 Electronic Communications Introduction to Computers 3 credits Business Core
30 credits
Third Year
MGMT 3310 Principles of Management 3 credits Business Core
BAUD 3335, BANA 3363 Business Communications, Intermediate Business Analysis 6 credits Business Core
FINC 3320, MKTG 3310 Business Finance, Principles of Marketing 6 credits Business Core
ECON 3372, 3357 Business Finance, Principles of Marketing 6 credits Major Core
ACCT 3304 International Accounting 3 credits Major Core
ECON 3341, 3344, 4348, BAUD 4340 Comparative Economics Systems, Contemporary International Issues in Economics, Economic Development, International Business Law 6 credits Business Core
MGIS 3310 Management Information Systems 3 credits Business Core
Fourth Year
ECON 4373, 4340 Monetary Economics, International Economics 6 credits Business Core
FINC 4340 International Finance 3 credits Business Core
MGMT 4365 or 4370, 4390 Service Operations Management or Operations Management, Strategic Management And Policy 6 credits Business Core
MGMT 4340 or MKTG 4340 International Management And Marketing (dual listed courses. A student cannot receive academic credit for both) 3 credits Business Core
BESL 2301, FOLG 2311, 2312, GEOG 2355, 2356, HIST 2311, 2312, SOCI 2319. Cultural Studies Elective .

Choose from Bilingual Education, Foreign Languages, Geography, History or Sociology
3 credits University Core
A minor in a supporting business field or a foreign language is strongly recommended. A minor in most supporting business fields can be accomplished by using the available elective hours. Electives 9 credits Major Core

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