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"Online Articulation" is the most widely utilized tool by transfer students and college transfer advisors. Online articulation is designed to maximize the amount of course work completed for the associate degree applicable to the baccalaureate degree for over 50 undergraduate majors at Sam Houston State University transferring up to 66 hours of college credit. College credit includes dual credit courses on the college transcript! AP scores must be submitted to the university determine credit.

Articulation information is accessible by students, parents, and counselors from both institutions' home pages via the World Wide Web Simply select your transfer institution from the list on the page followed by the desired major. You will be provided with the specific requirements for the desired degree. Warning, there is substantial risk taking course at other institutions not listed on the articulation page. Even if the course does transfer to SHSU from the other institution it probably will not apply to the desired SHSU degree requirements resulting in lost time and expense for the transfer student.

Course work for university degrees in general are meant to be spread out over a 4 year period. For example, the College of Business Administration has course sequences up to 5 semesters in length. Each class in the sequence requires all preceding course in the sequences as prerequisites. You cannot skip around taking course work. The lesson to be learned is “DO NOT CONCENTRATE ON BECOMING CORE COMPLETE PRIOR TO TRANSFERRING” to SHSU or any other university. The proper goal for most students for most degrees is “complete the first two years of the desired major” while at the college prior to transferring. If you have not completed courses required for the next course in sequence for most majors, you will be blocked from advanced level work. This is especially true in the sciences, business, and education majors. As an extreme example, consider a student transferring to SHSU with 60 transfer hours from a college, core complete, with an associate degree who wishes to complete the bachelor degree in 2 years in the College of Business Administration. Further assume they did not take the business core required in the first two years on the articulation pages consisting of 2 semesters of accounting, economics, and mathematics. They will be blocked from all upper division courses till these business core requirements are met. Since the courses all have prerequisites, the student will have to spend a year taking the business core prior to starting the final 2 years of upper division courses. Since they are already core complete there is essentially no other courses in which they can enroll that will lead to graduation.

Students planning to transfer to the university should emphasize completing the first two years of the major as opposed to the college core for most majors. It is not unusual for students to reduce total cost and time to complete the associate degree and baccalaureate utilizing reverse transfer of the university core to complete requirements for the associate degree core. Many college cores contain course requirements that transfer to the university but are not required to meet university degree requirements in the selected major resulting in lost time and money for the transfer student.

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