Joint Admissions

“Joint Admission” provides students a mechanism to maximize utilization of facilities and programs offered jointly by your college and Sam Houston State University. Benefits typically include:

  1. The ability to attend both schools simultaneously or alternate between institutions at your convenience. Both institutions endeavor to support separate and shared financial aid.
  2. An SHSU picture ID/bank card.
  3. A Sam Houston State University email account accessible from any Internet connection on the world wide.
  4. Sufficient disk space on a Sam Houston State University Internet Server to create and maintain a home page and store important files from one semester to the next (remains in effect over the summer into the fall semester unless the student fails to reregister at one of the institutions).
  5. Access to the Sam Houston State University library and to computer facilitates operated by Sam Houston State University Computer Services.
  6. Under Joint Admissions, a student is encouraged to request the college registrar to transmit their transcript electronically after grades are posted to SHSU every semester. Their transcript at SHSU will be updated to reflect all college transfer credit. The student will be able to review the transcript including transfer credit from all institutions attended online at their convenience.In addition, information in the updated transcript will be reflected in trial degree plan generation software available online.
  7. Reduced application fee to SHSU.

Students should not to apply for Joint Admissions till after they have accumulated at least 12 college academic credit hours and plan to transfer institutions within the next calendar year.  Prior to entering Joint Admission, the student should follow the Online Articulation pages for their desired major to maximize transfer credits to a maximum of 66 hours.  Statistically students transferring in excess of 35 hours are than twice as likely to complete the bachelor degree as those transferring 15 or less hours.  Acceptance into Joint Admissions is based on your college transcript and completing the required application online (located on the Articulation Page of participating colleges).  The minimum GPA for admission into Joint Admissions is 2.5 for 17 or fewer academic transfer hours and 2.0 for more than 17 academic transfer hours.  High school students meeting these requirements via their college are encouraged to apply for Joint Admissions.   Upon completing all legal requirement of the state of Texas for university admittance (e.g., completion of high school diploma), you are assured you will be admitted to SHSU and the transfer credit from your college will be available. Applicants must meet all SHSU admittance requirements at the time they actually transfer to SHSU.

After acceptance under joint admission, the applicants must continually meet all admission requirements for both the college and university to retain their eligibility to participate in the program. Students accepted under joint admission may simply transfer, alternate enrollment between institutions, or co-enroll at their discretion.

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