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Ice Age Island and the Neanderthal Footprints

The Ice Age Island project is a collaboration between University of York and the Center for Innovation & Technology (the Center). The University of York professors have discovered a Neanderthal animal bone grave and some Neanderthal footprints that are estimated to be around 80,000 years old.  They took a photograph of the foot print and some aerial photos of the entire island.  They have sent the files to the Center for 3D print models to be printed.  As seen in the photographs, the items tend to print fairly thin causing them to be very fragile. 


The Robohand project was requested by a mother of a 6 year old child.  Her child has Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS).  This syndrome is a birth defect that results in limbs not fully developing while children are in the womb  The original designer created the ‘Robohand’ to be used with wrist actions to open and close the fingers.  It enables the individual to grab and hold objects with their ‘Robohand’ which was otherwise impossible.  The project has been a community project with a local doctor and hospital actively engaged with the Center to provide the child with the hand.  A student organization (APICS) raised the money for the materials necessary to print the hand.  Since the beginning of this project, other children in the community have been identified as being in need of a similar tool. The team is excited to determine just how useful this will be for those individuals. 

Feral Hog Project

A team of students is working with two professors and an Alumnus to develop a system for tracking feral hogs. 

Wall Gear Art Project

A team of students is working to develop a dynamic piece of art for the center using 3D printing.

3-D Printing of the SHSU Logo

A student developed the auto cad file necessary to print our school logo.

Collaborating On Campus

Criminal Justice Department

1. Crime Scene Investigation- 3D printed models can help prosecutor to better explain crime scenes;
2. Bone Printing- damaged bones could be fixed with a new technique that involves 3D printing a tissue using living stem cells;
3. Scanning of the body.

English Department

Technical writing - assisting in creating technical manuals for operating equipment.



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