Are You Ready For College?

Are You Ready For College?

College is not for everyone. Statistics show that only 60 percent of those who begin a four-year degree program will later walk across the graduation stage and receive their diplomas. Further, half of the students who begin taking classes at a community college will drop out by the end of the first year. Notice how many cars there are in the parking lot now. As the days and weeks pass, you will see more empty parking spaces as gradually students drop out for one reason or another. You are the one who decides whether or not you are going to be a survivor. Decide to be a survivor!!!

Below is a short, informal test for assessing your dedication to your learning and how difficult it may be for you to stay in college. This test is just for you and is NOT to be turned in. Please reflect and think seriously about each statement then place a check beside each statement that seems to apply to you.

Motivational Test

  1. _____ I have not yet really decided what my career objective is. Or it is difficult for me to visualize what I will be doing in five years.
  1. _____ High school was easy for me, and I never really had to study hard to get good grades. Or I never really studied in high school and got average or below average grades.
  1. _____ My main reason for being at SHSU is athletics.
  1. _____ I have small children at home I must take care of.
  1. _____ I need to stay in school so that I can remain on my parents’ health insurance.
  1. _____ I am working 30 to 40 hours a week and taking 12 to 15 hours. (Consider unpaid activities such as athletics as part of these 30 to 40 hours.)
  1. _____ My parents want me to go to college, and I want to please them.
  1. _____ I am living with two or more roommates and plan to do most of my studying at home or in my dorm room.
  1. _____ I am at SHSU mostly because my boyfriend or girlfriend goes here.
  1. _____ I need to work part-time to pay for my car, clothes, stereo, etc.
  1. _____ This is the first time I have been away from home on my own.
  1. _____ I plan to get married in the near future. Or I am going through a divorce.
  1. _____ I plan to be involved in many social activities and be a member of a sorority or a fraternity.

Now take a look at the number of statements you checked. The more you checked, the greater your chances of not making it. If you checked a lot, this does not mean that you will drop out. But, it does mean that you need to do some thinking about your priorities and goals. Your chances of not making it are greater if you are here for the wrong reasons or if you have too many other commitments.

Each person has different and varying aspects of his/her life, but you must make the commitment to your academic endeavors while at SHSU to be successful and graduate.



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