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Dr. Amanda LaGuardia

Assistant Professor

Amanda LaGuardia


Dr. La Guardia received her doctorate in counselor education and completed a women’s studies graduate teaching certificate at Old Dominion University in 2009.  Her cognate area focused on statistical research methodologies.  Prior to attending Old Dominion, Dr. La Guardia worked as an in-home counselor for several years with children and families involved in the foster care system and worked part-time as a group facilitator at an in-patient hospital.  Dr. La Guardia received her M.A. from East Tennessee State University with a concentration in Marriage and Family counseling.  Prior to completing her master’s and during her studies she worked as a full-time intensive in-home family case manager for children and adolescents at-risk for state’s custody.  Her clinical focus and experience is with family systems and group work. http://www.AmandaLaGuardia.com

Research Interests

Dr. La Guardia conducts ongoing research concerning counselor professional identity development and has created a measure called the Professional Identity and Values Scale (PIVS).  She also studies Non-Suicidal Self-Injury treatment for adolescents and families and conducts trainings throughout the local area, presenting at professional conferences on the topic.  She also has an interest in (and has published on) applications of Adlerian and feminist theories in pedagogy, supervision, and clinical practice as well as the importance of inter-disciplinary mental health care for client mental health treatment.  These topics relate directly to the improvement of the mental health system, focusing both on client and counselor need.  She has previously published under the last name Healey.



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La Guardia, A. C., & Watts, R. E. (accepted). Discovering counseling theory: Finding your practical philosophy [Book Proposal], Wiley. Anticipated publication December, 2014.

La Guardia, A. C., & Watts, R. E. (accepted). Counseling techniques: A guide for the integrationist. [Book Proposal], Wiley. Anticipated publication May, 2014.

Book Chapters and Contributions

Byrd, R. J., La Guardia, A. C., & Emelianchik-Key, K. (2013). Professional expectations and partnership: Perspectives from the beginning, middle, and end. Chapter in Seto, A. and Bruce, M.A. (Eds.), Women’s retreat: Sharing voices of female faculty in higher education (pp. 77-93). Lanham, MD:University Press of America.

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Healey, A. C. (2010). Personal story: Finding a purpose in the work I do.  In G. Corey, Creating your professional path: Lessons from my journey (pp. 153-155). Alexandria, VA: ACA.

Selected Service

Dr. La Guardia currently serves on the Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling (AARC) executive council as the Member-At-Large Awards chair, served as the secretary for the Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision(2012-2013).  She is the national Awards chair for Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society, serves a publication committee member for the American Counseling Association’s (ACA), and was the associate editor for the quantitative research section of the Counseling and Values Journal (2011-2014).  Additionally, she serves on the editorial board of four national and state professional counseling journals.  Dr. La Guardia is involved in service work on both the national and state levels and within Sam Houston State University.  She is currently the coordinator of the master’s program candidacy process, serves as the co-advisor for the Beta Kappa Tau chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, and is a co-advisor for the Counseling Research Team.

Graduate Teaching Experience

  • Group Counseling
  • Supervised Practicum
  • Theories of Counseling
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Univariate Statistics
  • Advanced Social and Cultural Foundations
  • Testing and Assessment in Counseling
  • Qualitative Research Design

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