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Rhonda L. Callaway

Robert Biles, Robin Bittick, Rhonda Callaway, William Carroll, James Carter, John Domino, Lauren Edwards, Jason Enia, Heather Evans, Masoud Kazemzadeh, Jeongwoo Kim, Corliss Lentz, Mitzi Mahoney, Stacy Ulbig, Tamara Waggener, Clayton Wukich, Mike Yawn

Evelyn McDaniel and Kristin Kunz

The mission of the Department of Political Science is to provide students with theoretical knowledge and understanding of core concepts and principles in political science and public administration while helping students develop practical experience and skills that are necessary for professional careers in the 21st century.

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CHSS Building 490

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Dr. Heather Evans
(936) 294-3378


Academic Programs

Political Science, MA
Public Administration, MPA


The study of political science is exciting. It mixes the drama of politics and public issues with the development of skills of analysis and communication. Students examine major problems such as the influence of interest groups on Congress’ decisions, how candidates win elections, what election results mean, and how decisions about war and peace are made. In the process, students learn tools of analysis, explore major philosophical issues, and develop their skills in writing and speaking - tools of value in any profession.

Political Science faculty members bring unique backgrounds to the classroom. They have strong academic credentials, with doctorates from top schools such as, Rice, Rutgers, and the University of Texas, and they write scholarly books and articles. But they also have practical experience in government and politics to bring to the classroom. They have served on local school boards and city councils, as party county chairs, members of state boards of citizens groups, U.S. Senate staff, Foreign Commercial Officer, local, state, and federal administrators, and political consultants. Visiting professors have included a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a former member of Congress, and judges from the Texas Supreme Court.


The department offers courses in five areas: American government and politics, international relations and foreign policy, comparative politics, public administration, political theory, and methodology. Students should consult with their advisor as to what mix of these areas best meets their needs.

Political Science (POLS)
Public Administration (PADM)

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