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Program Description

The Master of Library Science is designed to prepare competent professionals for school librarianship; encourage and support scholarly research and publications; promote and participate in faculty growth and development; offer educational services to schools, libraries, and the community; and plan, implement, and evaluate the academic curriculum, teaching effectiveness, physical resources, program policies, and the learning environment.

Graduates of the M.L.S. program will also have the required coursework necessary to sit for the School Librarian Certification exam. Students interested in the certification must have a valid K-12 teaching certificate and two years of classroom experience before taking the exam.


Applicants seeking admission to the graduate program in library science must submit the following directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions:

  1. Graduate Application
  2. Application fee
  3. Official transcript(s) from the baccalaureate degree granting institution
  4. Official GRE scores if the last 60 hours of coursework resulted in a GPA below 3.0
  5. Program Application
  6. A copy of a valid teaching certificate

The Library Science admissions committee will consider all applications through a holistic review process, taking into account higher GPAs and GRE Scores. Admission is formula based and considers:

  • Advanced hours GPA
  • GRE scores on Verbal, Quantitative, and Writing sections.

Degree Requirements

This 36-hour degree provides instruction for the principles and procedures common to libraries and information centers. The primary mission of the Department of Library Science is the preparation of school librarians for grades EC-12.

M.L.S. in Library Science

Choose all from:
LSSL 5330 <LS 530> Collection Development
LSSL 5332 <LS 532> Organization of Collections I
LSSL 5334 <LS 534> Information Services and Resources I
LSSL 5337 <LS 537> School Library Administration
LSSL 5360 <LS 560> Literature for Children
LSSL 5366 <LS 566> Library Internship
LSSL 5367 <LS 567> Research Design and Methodology
LSSL 5370 <LS 570> School Librarianship
LSSL 5385 <LS 585> Literature for Young Adults
LSSL 5396 <LS 596> Computer Science Applications to Librarianship
LSSL 5391 <LS 591> Internet for School Librarians
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Graduate courses in LSSL



Library Science (LSSL)

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