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Program Description

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification program provides students with the necessary coursework and field experience necessary for becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, which is an international certification. Students are required to complete a year of supervised fieldwork in applied behavior analysis with both individual and group supervision.

Our BCBA certification program complies with existing standards for professional certification set by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board. This certification may also be obtained in coordination with the M.A. or M.Ed. in Special Education.


Applicants seeking admission for the BCBA must submit the following directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions:

  1. Graduate Application
  2. Application fee
  3. Official transcript from the baccalaureate degree granting institution
  4. Official transcript of master's degree conferral from an accredited institution
  5. Official GRE scores, if GPA in last 60 hours is below a 3.0


For further details, please contact the Department of Language, Literacy, and Special Populations at (936) 294-1108 or visit the Office of Graduate Studies program page at

Certificate Requirements


Board Certified Behavior Analyst

1 Specified Courses Choose all from:
SPED 6301 <SPD 630> Applied Behavior Analysis
SPED 6303 <SPD 633> Behavioral Assessment and Intervention
SPED 6304 <SPD 635> In-Home Training and Family Issues
SPED 6306 <SPD 632> Evaluation and Measurement of Behavior
SPED 6307 <SPD 637> Behavior Change and System Support
SPED 6314 <SPD 698> Research Methods in Behavior Analysis
SPED 6308 <SPD 538> Practicum and Methods in Special Education
SPED 6309 <SPD 682> Internship



Special Education (SPED)

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