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Program Description

The School Counseling Certification is designed for individuals who have already earned a master’s degree in education or a related field and are seeking certification only as a school counselor. This certification program provides the necessary coursework to prepare individuals for careers in elementary and secondary school counseling.

Applicants who do not hold a master's degree can seek the School Counseling Certification in coordination with the Master of Education in Counseling.

Students must have a master's degree, a valid teaching certificate, and two years of teaching experience before being allowed to sit for the state certification exam.


Candidates seeking admission to the graduate programs in Educational Leadership and Counseling must meet the basic requirements of Graduate Admissions specified in the Admissions section of this catalog. Please contact the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling for additional requirements: Box 2119, Huntsville, Texas 77341 or by phone (936) 294-1147 or

Please submit all documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions. Application Requirements include:

  1. Graduate Admissions Application
  2. Application Fee
  3. Official transcript from the baccalaureate degree and master's degree granting institutions
  4. Three Reference Evaluation Forms: one from a current or former employer/supervisor; one from a former professor, a certified school counselor, or a licensed counselor, marriage and family therapist, MSW, or psychologist; one from someone other than a family member.
  5. Essay
  6. Face-to-Face Interview

Course Prerequisites are strictly observed.

Certificate Requirements


School Counseling Certification

1 Specified Courses Choose all from:
COUN 5111 <CNE 511> Workshop: Orientation to the Counseling Program
COUN 5364 <CNE 564> Theories of Counseling
COUN 6363 <CNE 663> Assessment in Guidance & Counseling
COUN 5385 <CNE 585> Pre-Practicum Techniques in Counseling
COUN 5333 <CNE 533> School Counseling: Consultation, Coordination & Counseling
COUN 5392 <CNE 592> Cross-Cultural Issues in Counseling
COUN 5370 <CNE 570> Career Counseling Across the Lifespan
COUN 6335 <CNE 635> School Counseling: Leadership, Advocacy & Accountability
COUN 6376 <CNE 676> Supervised Practice in Counseling



Counseling (COUN)

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