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Program Description

The graduate programs in Curriculum and Instruction are designed to accomplish the following basic purposes: a) to improve and extend the professional competence of early childhood, middle, and secondary teachers; b) to prepare teachers for special positions in the schools; c) and to prepare students for doctoral work in university graduate programs. Students seeking a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction will receive an individually designed plan that best suits their interest and needs. Individualized degree plans may also be designed for persons interested in a master’s degree but not holding nor seeking teacher certification. Additionally, a program to attain initial certification for persons holding a degree in a teaching field is offered in this department.

Students seeking initial certification may also pursue a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. For students seeking teacher certification as part of the master’s degree, 24 certification hours are required.

Students seeking a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction will take thesis hours while completing the thesis at the end of the master’s degree. The thesis hours will replace hours within the degree electives. The remainder of the program will be individualized.


  1. Graduate Application
  2. Application Fee
  3. An undergraduate degree from an accredited academic institution
  4. Candidates with a 3.0 GPA undergraduate (or in the last 60 hours) are unconditionally accepted.
  5. Candidates with an undergrad GPA between 2.5 and 3.0 (overall or in the last 60 hours whichever is higher) are required to take the GRE. These candidates must meet the minimum standard with the following formula;

(GPA X 50) + GRE Verbal + GRE Quantitative + GRE Written equal to or greater than 435 


(GPA X 200) + GRE Verbal + GRE Quantitative + GRE Written equal to or greater than 1664    

Failure to meet standard #2 or #3 will require the candidate to submit to an interview with faculty and submit a portfolio to the faculty. The Graduate Admissions Committee for C&I reserves the right to conduct interviews with any potential candidates as warranted.

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts (Thesis Option) This degree plan is designed for individuals who wish to write a thesis as part of the requirements for the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. The thesis courses will replace any two elective courses selected by the student. A comprehensive examination is required during the final semester of course work. Students must be enrolled during the semester the comprehensive examination is taken.


Core Hours

1st Minor Hours
(C & I or teaching area)

2nd Minor Hours
(C & I or teaching area)

12 hour core 12 12
12 hour core 18 6
12 hour core 24 0


Core Coursework 12 SCH
CIED 5370 <CI 570> Research in Teaching 3 SCH
CIED 5384 <CI 584> Curricular Trends for Classroom Teachers 3 SCH
CIED 5383 <CI 583> Integrating Current Technologies in Teaching 3 SCH
CIED 5393 <CI 593> Assessment of Learning 3 SCH
Teaching Field/ C & I Electives 12-24 SCH
CIED 5333 <CI 533> Roles and Responsibilities of the Professional Educator 3 SCH
CIED 5360 <CI 560> Advanced Techniques and Methods of Instruction 3 SCH
CIED 5085 <CI 585> Current Issues in Education 3 SCH
CIED 5387 <CI 587> Workshop in Education 3 SCH
CIED 5390 <CI 590> Advanced Methods of Classroom Management and Discipline 3 SCH
CIED 5391 <EED 591> Problems in Teaching Elementary Mathematics 3 SCH
CIED 5392 <EED 592> Problems in Teaching Elementary Science 3 SCH
CIED 5396 <EED 596> Problems in Teaching Social Studies 3 SCH
CIED 5393 <CI 593> Assessment of Learning 3 SCH
CIED 5397 <CI 597> Human Growth and Development Across the Lifespan 3 SCH
Total Hours 36 SCH



Curriculum and Instruction (CIED)

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