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Michael Henderson

Martin Amorous, Jack Barnosky, Kate Borcherding, Chuck Drumm, Rebecca Finley, Leanne Gilbertson, Michael Henderson, Emmette Jackson, Taehee Kim, Pat Lawler, Melissa Mednicov, Valerie Powell, Diana Salles, Tom Seifert, Tony Shipp, Annie Strader, Melissa Warak, Anthony Watkins.

The mission of the Sam Houston State University Department of Art is to build a diverse and contemporary program that will promote critical thinking, creative problem solving and aesthetic understanding in both the student body and faculty. The Department of Art promotes creative research through the use of scholarships, community-student related activities and by exhibiting both faculty and student art work in our gallery. Additionally, we provide the University and the community with a variety of visiting artists and lecturers who help sustain a larger artistic vision.

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The Department of Art currently offers only undergraduate degree programs. See the current undergraduate catalog for more details.


The Department of Art does not currently offer graduate courses.  Please consult the current undergraduate catalog for course offerings.

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