University Police Programs and Presentations

The University Police Department’s CORE group provides several presentations to continually improve the safety on the Sam Houston State University campus.  Officers normally engage in an “open forum” style discussion with participants and will provide relative personal past experiences.  Following each presentation participants will be given the opportunity for questions and answers.


To request a presentation please complete the Program /Presentation Request form.  Presentations can be given to groups of any size.  Requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the presentation date.  The following is a list of the programs/presentations available within our department.


“Campus Safety” (1 hour)

Officers will discuss topics related to safety in the Sam Houston State University community.  Topics will relate to alcohol/ drug abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.  Groups will receive information pertaining to state laws, statistics, prevention, and awareness tips.


“Sexual Assault /Domestic Violence” (1 hour)

Officers discuss topics about prevention and intervention of sexual assault and domestic violence.  Learn about how to recognize the signs of violence, what to do if you or a person you know is a victim, and how to intervene. 


“Bystander Intervention” (1 hour)

Learn various intervention techniques for Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Roommate Violence, Stalking, and Harassment. Learn how to recognize violence and what to do to intervene.


“Residence Life- Drug Recognition” (1 hour)

Residence Hall staff receive information about how to detect and identify illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. 


“Driving While Intoxicated Simulation” (2 hours)

Experience some of the effects of Driving While Intoxicated first hand.  Participants will have the opportunity to maneuver a golf cart through a specified course while wearing Fatal Vision goggles.  Participants will experience the effects of driving while intoxicated without suffering from the real life consequences.


“BikeTexas- College Active Transportation Safety” (30 Minutes)

Provides safety information and education in an effort to reduce motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists.  Provides information about rules and regulations regarding bicycle usage on campus. 


“Spring Break/ Summer Safety” (1 hour)

Keep safe while traveling during spring break and summer. Learn about the keeping your property safe and making responsible decisions related to alcohol and drug use.  Also learn how to protect your property as you travel

“Workplace/ Classroom Violence” (1 hour)

Recognize the signs before violence may occur, and how to act when violence is occurring.

“Protect your Property” (1 hour)

Property theft is the number one reported crime at Sam Houston State University.  Learn how you can keep your property safe and the importance of “Property Registration,” which is available through the University Police Department.


“College Safety for High Schools” (1 hour)

Officers meet with high school Juniors and Seniors to inform them about keeping campus safety a priority as they choose their prospective university.  The audience will hear firsthand experiences, be provided statistical information, and receive general safety tips and information about the major crime problems on most universities.