What is CORE?

CORE represents the heart of everything which we stand for....not only in our department, our community, or our own personal goals...


CORE represents commitment, void of any personal gain. 


CORE represents community, despite personal differences and differing viewpoints. 


CORE stands for loyalty, leadership, and trust in the face of adversity. 


CORE refreshes the tenet that officers are held to a higher personal standard, exemplified by action. 


CORE is not only driven by ethics, but also a code of action in which officers are willing to go above the normal and beyond the average to impact the lives of many in a positive light. 


Created in the early hours of a night shift as the brainchild of a few officers, CORE originally was created as a way to "bridge the gap" that increasingly overshadowed officers.


This disconnect between patrol officers, administrative personnel, the public, and family ties began to creep through and a sort of malaise struck deep within the morale of several officers. 


Fresh out the gate, the CORE initiative was an upbeat, fresh new spin on the adage "community outreach efforts".  However; the most important aspect to the CORE program is: the sky is the limit. 


There truly is no definite description of CORE, the very program created to disconnect the chains of normalcy. 


CORE is a way of life. 


So with that being said...the best way to truly understand the CORE group of UPD is to understand....


In CORE we focus on the "why", to be able to achieve any "how". Each individual brings a welcomed skill set to the table, and on the basis of TRUST, HONESTY, and LOYALTY in LEADERSHIP, anyone is welcomed to join.



-Senior Officer Kevin Hansford


What the CORE does.

The CORE has set no limits on what it is capable of doing, but some of the recent things we have done are:

                                    Programs and Presentations                          Relay for Life


                                    Community Events                                         

                                    Child ID Kits    

                                    National Night Out

                                    Ignite the Night