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Student Spotlight - Kelbi Delaune

Miguel Arellano

Kelbi Delaune's path to a graduate degree has been anything but typical. After graduating from high school at 16, she enrolled at Sam Houston State University to pursue a degree in Theater. Midway through her BFA, Delaune decided to change gears. Her family's love of camping and her own passion for scuba diving spurred her interest in aquatics, so she added a biology minor and began field work in West Texas with Dr. Chad Hargrave, chair of the Department of Biological Sciences. Delaune earned her BFA in Theater, but continued her research on fisheries conservation in the master's program in Biology at SHSU. During her time as a graduate student, Delaune has focused on invasive species like the Emerald Ash Borer, a beetle currently found as close as Arkansas. She hopes her thesis research--a competition study comparing the survival of endangered and invasive fish in West Texas spring-fed pools--can be used by Texas Parks and Wildlife to manage these populations both in Texas and throughout the southwest. In 2015, Delaune's research efforts were honored by the Southwestern Association of Naturalists when she was presented with the inaugural Student Field Natural History Award for her presentation entitled: "Flow-Dependent Competitive Interactions Betweeen The Endangered Gambusia nobilius and Invasive Gambusia geiseri In a Desert Wetland Habitat." Delaune clearly has much to be proud of. She's been accepted to a PhD program at Texas Tech University, where she will continue her research under the guidance of Dr. Allison Pease, and is simultaneously awaiting the birth of her first son, Gatlyn Hays. Congratulations, Kelbi!

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